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Young people are the pioneers of new ways, since they face many temptations it will not be easy to know what is best.

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VOICE Vision Of Idealistic Citizens Everywhere in the 21st Century        
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Please take notice that links below only benefit  common sense people who want to understand what  "Freedom and self-determination" is all about. We have many institutions and organizations. The good new is that we all www.thrivemovement.com for world peace.

To make a difference, contemplate, think about  and become a Community Peace Sheriff, Diplomat or  Messenger, who seek common sense People to talk to each other. Participate in a C.O.M.Affiliated (Community Occupy Movement Affiliated) meet-up Circle effort and awaken our communities out of a coma. Write to occupypeace@icloud.com and refer to WeWuWei for Details.

                    Check out The Messengers Event

You were guided to this website, because deep in your heart you carry the vision and desire for a world in peace…. www.worldpeace.org/

Peace is something we can create. www.fcnl.org/ war is not the answer!

"The origin of the most far-reaching undertaking often lies in barely noticed events" 

VOICE believes that curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect. For this reason we want you to be aware and help to make a difference. Human nature is for centuries in transition and change. Is world peace among nations possible?. www.transitionvoice.com/about

VOICE is curious about the Council of Foreign Relation? Who are these people and what is there goal?

Was the problem of earth always about humans, repairing the damages of systems, corruption and fraud ? What  are the lessons of the past? A tribute to the Automatic Earth  is another other organization concerned about better human relations. What does it take to make a difference?

Attention Young Americans for Liberty, help us mobilize Students on the Ideals of Liberty and the Constitution and jump on to www.PeaceBus.org


     We are sitting all in one boat and have only one globe. Let's stop rocking the boat.

www.globalvoicesonline.org - The world is talking, are you listening?

www.teachpeace.com - Teach Peace Foundation - Peacemaking Education

www.oneheartrevolution.net - One Mother, One Earth

www.peace365.org - Education is how and what we are going to teach

www.dreamchange.org - serving Earth through Self-Awareness

www.imaginepeace.com  Yoko Ono and John Lennon - Give peace a chance

www.earthrights.net Institute -  Securing a culture of peace and justice

www.fundforpeace.org   Promoting sustainable security

www.space4peace.org Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

www.peaceandjusticenow.org  Disarm now for peace and human needs

www.mayorsforpeace.org  2020 Vision Campaign

www.designbytes.com/peace1.html Peace in the Forest

www.peacepilgrim.org Step towards inner peace

www.commondreams.org/  Views for the progressive community

www.thepeoplesvoice.org/  News and viewpoints

     A beacon of light - Do we have to re-think what is good for us and the planet?

www.restoretherepublic.com - Home of the Freedom Movement

www.commonwealthclub.org - Nations oldest public affairs forum

www.americanfreedomcampaign.org/  Sign the American freedom pledge

www.aclu.org/  American Civil Liberties Union, freedom can't protect itself.

www.hrw.org/  Human Rights Watch

www.ccr-ny.org/  The Center of Constitutional Rights

www.IISS.org  International Institute for Strategic Studies

www.crisisgroup.org  working to prevent conflict worldwide

www.globalresearch.ca - Centre for Research on Globalization

www.antiwar.com - A source for antiwar news, viewpoits, and activities

www.freedom-force.org  Concerned people over loss of personal liberty

www.freetheslaves.net/ Face to face with modern-day slavery

www.nrtwc.org  National Right to Work Committee

www.vote.org/ The National Initiative for Democracy (NI4D)

www.VoteRescue.org  Educate, Motivate, Collaborate, Resuscitate

www.righttoconsent.com  A Pledge of Allegiance for Freedom

www.retakecongress.com  A voting responsibillity

www.humanrightsfirst.org Respect for human rights and the rule of law

www.freedomhouse.org Since 1941 Global outreach on freedom

www.arias.or.cr/  Foundation for peace and human progress

www.amnesty.org  For international recognized human rights

www.muslimsforpeace.org  Love for all - hatred for none

 "The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government..." 

                    Article 21 (3) Universal Declaration of Human Rights

We need a business structure that satifies human greed, then we have a chance to develop economic growth. Everybody who is following the economic picture of the last  century will know who is in charge. Because most nations are pre-occupied with wars, poverty, inflation, power politics, corruption, wasteful spending, unemployment and lobbying, there is not much time to listen to all our experts who been telling us all along that we reached a limit of growth in the western society. The old saying "Keep the cake and eat it too" leaves no compromise. Common sense citizen ask the question: "What is there to do?" Until all the governments of the world do not admit some failure and people disagree about the common good and visions of this homepage, the agony and frustration will continue. With other words: "We do it to ourselves". My respect to Garry Davis, who persued his vision and can count on my support.

www.transcendinternational.org A Peace Development Environment Network

www.worldservice.org - World Government of World Citizens

www.danellandia.org - The land of peace, love and happiness

www.womenforwomen.org  Helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives.

www.fride.org - A European Think Tank for Global Action

www.toledopax.org - Toledo International Center for Peace

www.nwtrcc.org   If you want peace, stop paying for war

www.imaginepeace.net A way to think and talk together

www.wagingpeace.net Committed to a world free of nuclear weapons

www.conversation.org   People need nature to thrive

www.ccrjustice.org  Center for Constitutional Rights

www.constitution.org Liberty Library of Constitutional Classics

www.doyouknow.org get the facts... then vote your conscience

www.democracynow.org Democracy Now! In the news

www.droppingknowledge.org promoting international understanding

www.esperanto-usa.org The international language that works!

www.esperanto.de Esperanto en Germanujo

www.esperantoland.de Kontakt zu Menschen aus hundert Ländern

www.global-zero-now.de  On the roadd for a world without nukes

www.vitw.org  Voices of the wilderness

www.globalpeacefestival.org  - All Humankind is "One Family"

www.europa.eu Gateway to the European Union

www.givemeliberty.org Foundation for Contitutional Education

www.wethepeopleofny.org How do you join a Constitution Lobby?

www.andheri-hilfe.de  A organization to develope cooperation

www.afs60.org/ Intercultural Programs - world peace forum

www.kfa.org/ The teachings of Krishnamurti, the unknown is not measurable...

www.globalmarshallplan.org/  An effort to balance the world

www.sonnenseite.com/ In larger freedom

www.greenpeace.org/international our eyes and ears for the common good

www.greenpeace.de/ Die Kreativ und gewaltfrei auf Umweltprobleme hinweist

www.history.com The History Channel on Television

www.habitat.org Habitat for Humanity International

www.humana.org   Humana people to people world wide

www.unesco.org/ functions as a laboratory of ideas

www.janegoodall.org/  A Declaration of conscience

www.unu.edu/ Knowledge for peace and world affairs youth seminar

www.un.org The United Nations - A clearinghouse for world peace

www.usconstitution.net The U.S. Constitution Online

www.wilsonquarterly.com/ International Center for Scholars

www.worldpeace.de The World Peace Prayer Society invites you to a prayer

www.worldpeace.org.au promotes an action theme "Peace Begins with Me"

www.worldpolicy.org to offer innovative policy proposals for public debate

www.worldtaxpayers.org to stimulate contacts and exchanges of information

www.freedomforum.org/ dedicated to free press, speech and spirit 

www.globalexchange.org/ dedicated to promoting social and economic justice

www.globalpeacemeditationprayerday.org  - Symphony of Peace Prayers

www.cis.org.au - The Centre for Independent Studies, Leadership in Ideas

www.ifg.org/ International Forum on Globalization

www.iacenter.org International Action Center

www.globalgovernancewatch.org Transparency and national sovereignty

www.stoprealidcoalition.com Stop real ID

www.mountainminutemen.com  "In a Canyon Near You"

www.TruthAttack.org  Putting the government back in it's box

www.gflp.org/ Global Family for Love and Peace, respect for all religion

www.taxpayers-europe.com/  a desire of citizens to protect themselves

www.worldcitizens.org/   A Passport to World Peace

www.quinnipiac.edu/ Albert Schweitzer Institute for a ethical human society

http://www.drh-holsted.org/ We instruct in development

http://www.rsf.fr/ Reporters without Borders

www.Sheeple.net This is not a website for people who are easily offended

www.worldfuturecouncil.org/ A new voice in the global political arena

www.pugwash.org/ Conference on Science/World Affairs-Sir Joseph Rotblat 

www.earthcharter.org/  An expression of hope

www.iearn.org/ Connecting youth - making a difference in the world

www.one.org/   United as one - to help make poverty history

www.fairtax.org/ One of a solution of the 21st Century

www.ngovoice.org  Voluntary Organization in Cooperation in Emergencies

www.american.edu/sis  A Center for Global Peace

www.efpinternational.org Education for Peace

www.voiceofamerica.org   VOA Learning English

www.thecontract.org   Organized by the Tea Party Patriots

www.ptpi.org People to People - Peace through understanding

www.fff.org  The Future of Freedom Foundation

www.reason.com  Free Minds and Free Markets

www.grittv.org with Laura Flanders - She wants you to be part of the show


www.lifepositve.com - Preparation for Peace



www.peacerevolution.org - The Seven Arts of Freedom

www.pogo.org - Investigates and exposes corruptions and other misconduct

www.UnitedforPeace.org  - For anti-war and social change activities

www.npcconvergence.net - New Paradigm Community

www.fcnl.org - Friends Committee on National Legislation

www.panparty.org - Truth, Justice and Accord 

www.lightparty.com - Health, Peace and Freedom for all

www.freedominfo.org - The Global Network for Freedom of Information Advocates

www.commoncause.org  - Holding power accountable

www.nationalpeace.org - Empowering Citizen Peacebuilders

www.peaceoneday.org - provide Education Resources to every School on Earth 

www.peacefultomorrows.org - International Network for Peace

www.afr.org - Where True Freedom Begins With Less Government

www.peopleinaction.com - Links to initiatives

www.peacebrigades.org - making space for peace

www.wpc-in.org  Peace is everybody's business

www.servicforpeace.org - Building Community across the Globe

www.buildingbridgescoalition.org - promoting international volunteering 

www.ashoka.org - Investing in new soltions for our world's toughest problems

www.rmi.org - Rocky Mtn. Institute, Practitioners, not Theorists

www.spiritual-endeavors.org  - Peace in our Hands

www.gamip.org - Global Alliance for Ministries & Infrastructures for Peace

www.worldpeacetech.org - To inspire through the sustainable uses of Technology & Ecology

www.commongood.org - A common cause to simplify society - The first step to is to identify one selves as a peaceful person.


www.peacecouncil.net - Peace Action of Central New York, Educating, Agitating, Organizing for Peace.

www.popularresistance.org - Daily Movement News and Rsources






www.peacebellfoundation.org - Helping to move humanity from the love of power, to the power of love. 


Klaus Todte
12527 Berlin, Germany
E-Mail: epluribusunum@t-online.de   


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13-You believe to know the answer... We The People -corruption - Articles of Freedom - August 1953 - January 1961 - August 1964 - Washington DC -Civil Right Movement - The Fall of the Republic - Don't re-elect the incumbent - The Meaning of the 21st Century - Goldman - Lewis Franklin Powell, Jr - Powell Memorandum - Ralph Nader - Ron Paul - Supreme Court Judges- givemeliberty.org - Why could this change soon? - Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio - Congress - Write your Congressman - Tax Fairness and Simplification Act of 2010 - Check part two, options anyone? - The Infowar -www.youtube.com/watch? - www.timeforanewteaparty.com -RT Russia Today - www.livefreenow.org - www.salestax.org - www.federalbudget.com -www.cagw.org - www.atr.org - www.itweb.org - www.ourcaucus.com - internationaforecaster.com - The Concord Coalition - www.fairtax.org - www.ntu.org - www.worldtaxpayers.org - 

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22-Walk for Peace: grandmothers for peace International - Is terrorism only another excuse? - The World March for peace and Non-Violence - Hands around the Globe - Hands across America - The Longest Walk - Peace March - 21st Century -

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