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Young people are the pioneers of new ways, since they face many temptations it will not be easy to know what is best.

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American county citizens hold the key to world peace, if they can free themselves from their government‘s incompetence to teach children peacemaking. As the victor of two world wars our government sold themselves to the power of money to maintain the status quo. Only community attitudes can face society problems through our elected representatives, if we meet-up and talk positive about our grandchildren's future. These meet-up circles should be an example for all other nations as it was established with the United States Peace Corps. Today, we take a different approach to make a difference.

Americans who want to find their way back to a Constitutional Republic and restore the U.S. Constitution have only one choice to organize Community Common Sense meet-up circles in their 3143 Counties and start formulating Common Sense questions for their elected representatives in small groups of ten and two visitors, who are real serious about their County, State and Country. Government and business made technological ways and means work for themselves and is taxing the general public for their debts. And this all with a system were a government which derives its just power from the consent of the governed. People can agree today that everything is about money and not about the common good and World Peace.

It must be our turn now, because what happens cannot change anytime soon, unless we free ourselves from apathy and political rhetoric and make an attempt to rise above all the indifferences of today. We all know what are our problems. We know about the corporate structure. We know about Lobby Interest and all the other social deficits over the last three centuries, we became opinionated about it. Americans became reactionaries to a system that should be accountable to them. Reading the book by Pankaj Mishra „Age of Anger“ will update our mindset to understand once and for all what went wrong in our society. If we make contact with ten likeminded citizens in our county communities and meet-up, talk positive and ask ourselves the only important question of our time, what chance common citizens have to make a difference; „We the People“ become „Be the People“ and find a way, if we leave our opinions at home and don‘t take everything personal. Nobody on earth will change anything for the next thousand years, if our hypocrisy continues. Are we paid slaves for the establishment or citizens of a Constitutional Republic? Do we have the will to do something about it?


A true Common Sense Citizens is the one who knows you as you are, understand where you‘ve been, accepts who you‘ve become, and still gently invited you to grow to make a world of difference.

This website will have 95 Theses for common sense citizens and their elected representatives during the Administration of the 45th U.S. President to establish a positive dialog and understanding under the U.S.Constitution guideline to petition our Government for redress of grievances. Agreement and acceptance rarely stimulates experiments and progress for the common good. It takes citizens common sense and solidarity what will bring eventuell World Peace and common good. For more details inquire for a free COMAffiliate Seminar from occupypeace@icloud.com to find out how „Be the People“ are ready for this challenge. The following Ninety-five THESES is a list of questions for an academic disputation by Klaus Todte, a Common Sense Citizen who refuses to believe that Common Sense is Un-Common. 500 years ago Martin Luther started a Reformation what changed Europe. His positions against what he saw as abusive practices by preachers selling plenary indulgences which were certificates believed to reduce the temporal punishment for sins committed by the purchasers reflects today the structure of the power of money since the Industrial Revolution. „Be the People“ need a Reformation in the United States of America to save capitalism for the many not the few.“ 

                                  THESIS ONE                   

          All we are saying is give WORLD PEACE a chance

                                                      THESIS TWO

        Jerusalem the Mecca of Three World Religions... 

         What is humanity looking for to make a world of difference?

Everywhere, people are awaiting a messiah, and the air is ladden with promises of large and small prophets... we all share the same fate we carry within us more love and above all more longing than today's society is able to satisfy. We have all ripened for something and there is no one to harvest the fruit. Karl Mannheim '22

                                         THESIS THREE

                 Divide and Conquer Philosophy ...

Do we want to glorify war - the world's only bad hygiene - militarism, patriotism, the destructive act of terrorism, the propaganda ideas for which one dies? 

Unquestionably, military forces are more complex than ever before at work. The violence of its exhibitionistic brutality, and its brisk seduction of young people is the result of governments political rhetoric and the power of money what they are done and what they are brining about. They do not secure the consent of their citizens, rather talk about trade & investments and human rights what gives their constituents the impression "that they mean that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness - That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Power from the Consent of the Goverend?"  We live in a homogeneous world market, in which people being programed to maximize their self-interest, regardless of their differences of lifestyles and cultural backgrounds. It looks that the world seem more literate, interconnected and prosperous than any other time in history, but in the age of globalization have become an immediate neighbor through instant communication without having an overview of the global governments activities and understanding their motives for our future. 

                                  THESIS FOUR 

                                Acta non Verba ... 

Is being opinionated and taken everything for granted or personal; the differences among common sense citizens? 

Based on my and properly your past experiences, it is not easy to have an opinion about times we have not lived and people we have not met. Getting most of our information through the print media and television entertainment we learned to be cautiously optimistic. Cellphones and Internet is a brand new environment what takes most of our time "thinking for ouselves". Fast moving technology and re-written history changed everything we were used too. Our mind set is pre-occupied making a living and having a little fun for mind and body with little or no concern for the common good and world peace one day. At heart we all want to live in peace with harmony and are committed to personal challenges. Let others do the things I have no time for becomes our excuse. While everything is about money it is easy to be bought, packaged and giftwrapped without realizing that time does not still for nobody and all self-made problems will reflect one's retirement age in one way or another. While no individuals alive can change anything, people should take notice that humanity continued to develop through interaction for the last 50 000 years as it was recognized through DNA science. That means living in peace with each other and human rights we express in our Constitution have not materialized. What has materialized is that we became a consumer society what developed capitalism for the few and not the many. Common sence citizens for this reason want to re-think our intelligent development by looking in our county communities for ten likeminded citizens who start open their mind and address themselve how to make a difference.

                                    THESIS FIVE  

  You know about it ... just pass it on in a positive note ...

Why cannot citizens voice consensus for the common good through Facebook.com/wewuwei and communicate with two billion other members of Facebook world-wide?

This is not a lecture or trying to convince anybody. This Thesis is only to make sure that citizens everywhere find out about an up-coming historical event in the 21st Century. Common sense citizens started to organize "Community Common Sense" from 6.26.2006 to  6.26.2026 in 3143 Counties in the United States of America and United States of Europe to communicate with ten and two guests in their county through COMAffiliated meet-up circles world-wide. Community Occupy Movement Affiliates is not an organization, rather a helping hand to develop confidence about Peace and Justice. To receive a Community Peace Rally Seminar from occupypeace@icloud.com att. wewuwei, please request online with your name, e-mail, County, State and Country until 6.26.2018 for a free introduction package. The Chinese Proverb wuwei mens that we do absolute nothing about politics and only use the meet-up circle for an social event to communicate with our neighbors, who feel that solidarity among common sense citizen will bring deeds for a more peaceful future. Writing to Mark Zuckerberg and ask him to take part in the community leadership world peace and harmony effort for Facebook members will help to create a true World Community Network Power. If given a chance it will change the world forever. Showing a Sign of Peace through Facebook will give Mark and Priscilla's children Maxima and August the greatest respect for their parents, when they reach adulthood. We have to remind ourselves that it is not all about politics and money, rather our environment when it deteriorates to a point that our air, water and vegitation is polluted to no return; the world knows that we cannot eat money and indulge ourselves in self-pity.

                                       THESIS SIX 

                Talk is cheap because there is so much of it ... 

Should "We the People", if we want to become "Be the People" talk to each other about common sense solution to restore our Constitutional Republic?

Anybody who agrees with this must be aware of the fact that it will take curiosity, motivation and some personal time. All these 95 THESES is a help to personal gratifications in today's society that never found the truth about inner and world peace. How could have humanity learned from past experieces when the League of Nation and the United Nations was incapable to develop political solidarity and economical equality. Governments used exploitation and natural resources to maintain a gready orientated in debt living standard and a widening gap for the last 250 years between the rich and poor. Was this trend educational or through the power of money? If it is true, political systems were bought, packaged and gift wrapped for centuries, despite the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States of America. We did not maintained an independent posture rather fell victim of political promises and econonic dependency. Just recently I came across a book "Age of Anger". A History of the Present from Pankaj Mishra what is different written then any other books I read so far. The reason must be an outside viewpoint of the western society. To read it and then talk about it is eliminating all previous opinion and restores the confidence that "Be the People" must bring this message to the street and Congress. Especially in an Industry 4.0 world revolution? With clarity, eloquence, deep knowledge, and even deeper compassion for both planet and people, is Bill McKibben guides to the brink of a new, uncharted era. In his book "eaarth", making a life on a tough planet may restore our faith in the future, with us on it. Our forefathers will to free themselves from feudalism does get all our respect, but did not delivered the result of their idea as Abraham Lincoln expressed 1862; "Our situation is piled high with difficulties, and we must rise to the occasion. As our case is new, we must think and we must act anew. We must disentangle ourselves, and then we shall save our country". Are these words of just talk?

                                 THESIS SEVEN 

                             A destructive world view ...

                       How long can the American Dream continue?

With all the bad new twenty-four hours a day around the world, citizens helpless opinions of a destructive world view can only be overcome, if we review the 10th Amendment to the U.S.Constitution: "The power not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the State, are reserved to the State respectively, or to the people." Does this means that "We" need to "Be the People" and solve our society problems locally, not federally? 150 years ago Charles Darwin got curious about two plants which behavior puzzled him and through diligent studies gave us incredible inside documentation about tricks of plants with deadly traps. Technological advancements of course gives us the appreciation of making videos around the world and showing on "You Tube" instantly what in the past was classified information. Wickipedia helps us to get quick information about people and issues, but it does not guarantee an overview and understanding "Why, How and Who" is responsible for all the indignations or better said; all the ill-treatment of human beings around the world. What positive wisdom and dream can we pass on to our children and grandchildren? "Success is a science, if you have the conditions, you get the result". "The truth is rarely pure and never simple". Quotes of Oscar Wilde.

                                 THESIS EIGHT

 Majority rule is often listed as a characteristic of democracy ...

    Is a Constitutional Republic with Electorial Votes Democratic? 

The 2016 Election reporting in the median should leave one positive thought for the next election, when "Be the People" learn that voters, institutions and news reporters equally are not educated enough to predict an election, what is for two centuries a big business venture with a lot of money exchange through lobbyism. Our forefathers left us a system what could make a difference, if we are curious enough and motivated to understand what really happened in the last three centuries in politics and corporate world. We have literature, facts, documentaries and enough intellectuals with a conspiracy theory, but don't have the time to read, listen, talk to each other and travel to see first hand what is going on in the rest of our counties. Having a job, making money, paying bills and family obligations are of greater priority. Most of us comprehend the cycle of life and for this reason going along with interest and status quo and vote party line. Parties take turns anyway and nothing really has changed in the last fifty years. Only consumerism increased tenfold with ups and downs. We became a pretentious society and learned to react, but had little to offer to make a differences. Interessting is how the opposition don't achieve anything themselves when they get into power and continue indirectly with the same policies of the previous administration. While no party really gets a big majority everything ends with a give and take Congress. Job security is as important on their level then for a person with a minimum wage. The big change over the last five decades was the entertainment industry. It mesmerized young and old. The average person does not know any longer the difference between truth and fiction. A great success for the status quo and still a bad deal for taxpayers. I could fill books with my personal experience as million writers did in the past. How would this influrence your mind set? Truthfully not a bit. As a candidate for Supervisor and a Candidate for Representative to Congress, I learned quickly to read between the lines. As a survivor of world war two, I also believed that nothing could change, but traveling for the last ten years for five month every year and talking on the street with thousands of people. I found an answer to make a difference. I share it here with you and hope it will help to awaken communities to bring future generations peaceful ways and means and restore a community confidence that will make our Constitutional Republic the envy of the rest of the world. Only citizens of The United States of America, who's Government fell also victim to the Global Power of Money with it's master plan, can change the present system to what the U.S. Constitution promised their citizens since 1789. Properly unbelievable for the general public today, but a reallity in ten years, if we are convinced that this is the right path to political economic fairness and world peace.

                                      THESIS NINE

                       Restoring Community Confidence ... 

Can Centuries of Puzzles bring us to understand the manipulation of the Power of Money who supports the status quo? It is absurd to divide people into good or bad. People are either charming or tedious. Oscar Wilde

For the benifit of world peace we need deeds and a change of mind from violence to peaceful ways and means. if humanity wants to live with balance and harmony, WeDoPeace Communities have to voice consensus for the common good and peace & justice; otherwise we miss out on the most important human development - Internet Communication and it's peaceful ways and means of an intercultural society on earth, but any new innovation for a better world needs a new definition, because the ruling hand of the power of money influrence over governments, financial, corporate business and media institutions is out of control and out of reach of our elected representative including all municipality's. It is hard to understand why the median think they do their viewers and listeners a favor by headlining political rhetoric, economical & financial crisis, government waste and coruptions, bank bailouts, violent entertainment and talk shows with guests in public life, who are picked to oppose everything among each other and really say nothing. All the murder stories, all the cop shows, all the gossip of entertainers, all the war documentary's, doping, Internet pornagrophy and dubious wheelings & dealings of the International HSBC Bank and all the other programs for young and old who even use their IPhone at the same time they watch. Does this all fall under a moral choice? Following the superior order? Dealing with difficulty questions? Of course the most common answer one gets is not to watch it. This sounds like political correctness in a time where people fight daily traffic to get to work, with an income that forces them to borrow to pay consumer bill and bureacratic obligations. I don't know why I am writing all this what you already know, but I guess it just caught myself to escape all the indispositions. I created a twent-two piece 1812 Historic Timeline Trail Puzzle, because I recognized why, how and who tried to twist my mind to become a loyal consumer follower who wants to keep up with the Johnsons. I choose an independent lifestyle and proud of my achievement to found an answer to my question I ask myself fifty years ago: "What chance has an individual person to make a difference?" This website is my life and gift to my neighbor, because I regognized that the general public needs to understand that the silicon valley future vs. all the past achievements what is rapidly changing work, lifestyle, mind, body and political & economical power, when we ignore or refuse to see what is happening around us and not talk about the changes what will affect everybody soon. Our ambitions should be to rule ourselves, the true lifetime for each of us; and true progress is to know more, and be more, and to do more more.

                                           THESIS TEN 

                            A Moment Of Review ...

How many Documentary's and Literature common sense citizens need to consume to get an overview about humanity's failure to live in harmony and balance?

For decades I know that history will be re-written, but how to get the general public to believe in world peace one day is still not a media highlight. The idea of an 1812 Historic Timeline Puzzle to understand "Why, How and Who" is responsible after 50,000 years of a people to people connection on mother earth, was concieved by reading books, articles, editorials and opinions. I would like to share with you some of the most important books. Starting with the National Geographic Magazine in the late fifties, I also learned many things through televion documentaries about nature and science. Even reading the Wall Street Journal for fifty years gave me an overview of economic, financial, corporate occurences. Of course today's communication through the media, internet and entertainment industry shows that only one thing all people on earth have in common: "Time does not stand still for anybody". Knowing this should make everybody more curious about the development of the human race. Most people I met over a half century ago have a sense of personal responsibility to do the right things. To get a better understanding of the human struggle, citizens must be willing to take a moment of reconciliation. This is what COMA - Community Occupy Movement Affiliate trying to motivate. When I noticed that "talk is cheap because there is so much of it", I reconized that my effort is in trouble, if citizens cannot restore positive conversation in their communities. To have world peace on our mind and pass on a sign of peace for posterity should correct the long path of infinity. Here are my reading suggestions for an overview to make a difference: A Short History of the World by J.M.Roberts, The Meaning of the 21st Century by James Martin, Europe Since Napoleon by David Thomson, Governing The World by Mark Mazower, Failed States by Noam Chomsky, The Untold History Of The United States by Oliver Stone & Peter Kuznick, Fellow Citizens, Edited by Robert V. Remini & Terry Golway, Letters To A Young Activist by Todd Gitlin, Anything For A Vote by Joseph Cummins, The Grand Chessboard by Zbigniew Brzezinski, How The World Works by Noam Chomsky, Real Common Sense by Brian Kahn, The Parlament Of Man by Paul Kennedy, The Age Of Anger by Pankaj Miishra, Eaarth by Bill Mc Kibben, Saving Capitalism by Robert B. Reich, Native American Wisdom by Native Chiefs, The Creature Of Jekyll Island by G.Edward Griffin, The Complete Reference Guide To The Untited States Constitution by Commission On The Bicentennial, World Order by Henry Kissinger, How Do You Kill 11 Million People? by Andy Andrew, Common Sense by Thomas Paine, The Spirit Of Community, by Amitai Etzioni, The Quartet by Joseph J. Ellis, The World As It Is by Chris Hedges, The Twentieth Century by Howard Zinn, Peace & Freedom, by Ted Galen Carpenter, The End Of America, by Noami Wolf, Think Like A Champion, by Donald J. Trump, The Civil War Of 1812 by Alan Taylor, The Essential TAO by Thomas Cleary, Free World by Timothy Garton Ash, Capital Of Capital 1784-2012 by Steven H. Jaffe & Jessica Lautin, Earth Capitalism by Patrick U. Petit, Money & Power In The Modern World, 1700-2000 by Niall Ferguson, The Lesson Of History by Will  &Ariel Durant, Superclass by David Rothkopf, Just And Unjust Wars, by Michael Walzer, Judicial Compusions by Jeremy Rabkin, American Wars by Edwin P. Hoyt, The Faith Of Mankind by Geoffrey Parrinder, The End Of Protest by Micah White, In Search Of Black America by David J. Dent, The Audacity Of Hope, by Barack Obama, The Bill Of Rights Primer by Akhil & Les Adams, The Right Of Man by Thomas Paine, Unstoppable by Ralph Nader, The Occupy Handbook Edited by Janet Byrne.

These books are only the tip of an iceberg, but they all have one thing in common. They are not only entertaiment, rather tragic ways and means to inform the general publice about issues that should concern all mankind and needs their understanding to make a difference. It is easy to say what is wrong, but scary to admitt that when common sense citizen and I assume that we are one, to make a committment and try to do something what needs to be done: "To resolve conflicts without violence!". That means when common sense people don't talk to each other in their voting district and don't talk to their representatives, develop consensus and solidarity, all future efforts will be in vain and void. All the people who think that there are above all our society problems, have nothing in commen and are part of today's destructive political standoff. Anybody who wants to save capitalism for the many, not the few, should put their mouth where their wallet is and help us to buy with their conviction the common good and world peace one day for our grandchildren.

                                  THESIS ELEVEN 

Citizens Self-Defense Seminar For An Independent Mind ...

    Can We Awaken Our Communities Out Of A COMA? 

A peaceful world with smiles and happiness should not fear the mask of the power of money who is directing a destructive world view and leaves no alternatives for "We the People" to awaken out of a COMA and start organizing common sense with meet-up circles to establish a County WeDoPeace Community. Becoming a COMAffiliate in 3143 Counties of the United States of America will start a vision of Peace & Justice most people hoped for since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Helping each other through communicating for a just cause will bring our society to a new level of understanding, especial in a fast moving forward Industry 04 Revolution. When people talk positive with each other and put their own opinion behind them and don't take things what is said in their meet-up circles personal; the first step is taken to voice consensus for the common good and world peace. Organizing common sense and become a WeDoPeace Community will not only teach us and our children peacemaking, but will restore America's faith in the U.S. Constitution in a decade. If you doubt that this cannot happen please do yourself a favor and take 1.44:55 minutes and listen on "You Tube" to Noam Chomsky about Propaganda, Control and Public Mind. 

                                        THESIS TWELVE

                 You Don't Know What You Don't Know ...

Does your curiosity motivates you to review a COMA self-defence seminar? If not, please pass this info to a person you think should know about it, because it is the new art of doing nothing (about politics)

Based on ice core achives of sulfate and tephra deposition, one of the largest vulcanic eruptions of historic proportion occured in AD 1257. However the source of this mystery eruption remains unknown. It was the Samalas Volcano, Rijani Volcanic Complex in Indonesia, located on mother earth. People around the globe should know that the climate can change life on earth and bring bigger problems to its inhabitants. We should not waste our time with the pro and cons, rather support an environmental summit meet-up of common sense citizens to work out a variety of proposals before 6.26.2026 and follow as it is explained in chapter six in a dialog between Johan Galtung and Daisaku Ikeda book "Choose Peace". It explores non violent solutions of global conflicts and the role of the United Nations in peacekeeing initiatives. The language of the Charter of the U.N. ought to be an organization not of second class; when it is devoted to the interest of both nation and human beings first. How do Americans feel about their education system, institutions, neighbors, economic, political rhetoric and future? What answers to these issues could untangle today's destructive world view? "We the People of the United Nations" become "Be the People of a United World"? The problem however is that the U.N. is an none citizens organization and has no accountability to anybody. Was this a smart move of the power of money after World War II to make all 193 Nations an accessory to political correctness? In a Constitutional Republic citizens must take intiative and referendum serious and organize community meet-up circle to formulate questions for these initiatives for their representatives. I firmly believe that there is no substitute for creative conflict-reduction and that preventative therapy is much better more or less, then eruptive steps taken after a conflict has broken out and developed into a violent manifestation. It is undeniable that chaos and corruption, exploitation and political rhetoric continue through the media world. Most environmental issues have only come to the forefront as a result of the hard work of community organizations. But this time we have to ignore the media and only communicate with our local elected polititions. Another reason to review my online COMAffiliate self-defense seminar from occupypeace@icloud.com. Ride-a-way, the existence of nuclear weapons still compels humanity to re-concider the nature of war. While we know that the power of money won't give in easily, common sense must prevail and get our elected representatives, local leadership and all their appointed advisors to be accountable and work for their contituents.

                               THESIS THIRTEEN

 Welcome On Board to help us plugging all the holes On Our Boat ...

The purpose of this Puzzle Tour is to understand the manipulation of the Power of Money which is operating all along behind the scene and is keeping people around the world distant from being endowed July 4, 1776 with certain rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

After reading twelve Theses you made a decission that will help changing the world to become a more peaceful place by June 6,2026. In the next twent-two Theses you will recognize that our wake up call is not a joke. Believe it or not. it is the first World Peace propaganda what will have a chance to survive with your participation. Past is past but the human struggle for world peace & international justice is still out. We hope that these historical facts put in puzzle pieces will help to establish a full picture in your mind and gives you strenght to pass it on to your family members, friends, neighbors and aquaintance.

                              THESIS FOUTEEN 

Did the rebellion of black slaves in Haiti triggered the sale of 1803?

Puzzle Piece 1 -  Purchase of the Lousiana Territory

Whatever happened in the past people should be remembered as a time what was good for some but not for the general public. Better said: "The good old times are only good for those who don't have to live them any longer, except for some personal good memories. Facts of the past is that people's opinion never had an answer to the question I ask you today: "Can we live with common sense ways and means on planet earth?" If we meet up in our communities we will find an answer, because only "We" can be proud of all human achievements that includes from start living in caves to walking on the moon. That humanity developed from "In God We Trust" to "From Dishwasher to a Millionair" and ended with a  needed workforce since the Industrial Revolution, what created for the first time a personal value, but soon degraded hard working people, because of a greedy corporated volume system with an old poor and rich symptom that started upsetting all social life of the middle class, what should have brought posterity for future generations, but did not prepared them for a better entry into the digitalization Industry 04 Revolution. It is obvious that our education system fell victim to the intrigue of the power of money and that the middle class for now has to suffer, just like all the people of the past who gave their lifes in wars for a better future for their children. Technology is great but its consequences will be greater, if we ignore to talk about it in our communities.

The Louisiana Purchase was a land deal between the U.S. and France in which the U.S. sold 827,000 sq.miles of land west of the Missisippi River for Million, what ended up costing million in gold and borrowed money from Europe's Banks. Spain upset by the sale but without military power to block it, formally returned Louisiana Territory to France what they officially sold to the Jefferson Administration. Napoleon needed the money to start preparing the war to take over Europe. Whatever was written about this event does not explain the involvement of the power of money (PoM). Thomas Jefferson, 4. U.S. President rationaliizing his unconstitutional authorization of the Louisiana Purchase:"A interal part ot the economic life of the age, the greatest colony in the world, the pride of France, and the envy of every imperialist nation." Only 27 years after the Declaration of Independence which incorporated the enlightenment idea that government's purpose is to protect the rights of the people and that there entitled to certain rights just by virtue of being human and that a government legitimacy comes from the consent of the governed. It was a super deal but scared many rich European who soon left their country for a new continent. While the Constitution is still binding for the government, "We" who should "Be the People" must make an equal deal with our elected representative to save capitalism for the many, not the few. But before we do this, we must organize community common sense and learn to ask the right question through Initiative and Referendum. The 21st Century must be the turning point to create a Community Common Sense Citzens Network Power for the common good and world peace soon.

                                THESIS FIFTEEN 

Puzzle Piece 2 - The 2nd American Revolution - 1812 War against Britain

Is American military policy still the result of a kind of American political evangelism? 

The political involvement of the U.S. quickly became a saving grace for the power of money (PoM) to find a more secure country far away from the devastating Napoleonic War. Realizing the consequences of this turbulent period, not too much is written about the historical details. Though the Revolution occured more than 200 years ago, the event is relevant today. In New England was talk of secession and a disloyality to the American cause. The Battle of New Orleans was fought after the Peace of Ghent to end the war. Nobody won the war, only a General who trounced the British soldiers and became the 11.President of the U.S. In concidering who we are as a nation, what we stand for, and what we desire for our future, citizens can understand today why there is a need to restore the U.S. Constitution, what cannot defend itself from the misguidance of the power of money (PoM). Considering all the Non-Intercourse Act, The Embargo Act, Macon Bill No.2, Treaty of Ghent and Rush-Bagot Act, what created the east-west boundary of 5.527 miles largest demilitarized border on this continent; it became obvious that the United States of America became the headquarter of the PoM, who manipulated, packaged and bought everything what money could buy. Industrial capitalism "American Style" was born. While England battled France and the U.S. - Russia and Austria, Spain inflamed the whole continent. Result of this confrontation became the Monroe Doctrine that warned European nations after the Vienna Address of 1823 that the U.S. would not tolerate further colonialzation or puppet monarchs. What did not stop the U.S, excursion into Central America; of course to free the newly independent colonies of Latin America from European intervention. James Monroe, the 9. President of the U.S. said in his First Inaugural Address 1817: "The people themselves become the willing instruments of their own debasement and ruin." One could say today that this was already an economic world war what stimulated growth of certain military industries and the Rothschild family revolutionized international finance and credit for governments. Napoleon Bonaparte's saying: "if you wish to be a success in the world, promise everything, deliver nothing", still is music to my ears, so is a Napoleon Brandy. Written history is largely a history of warfare, because states came into existence through conquest, civil strife or struggle for independence. The French who helped us to get the independence from Britain ended up to be our adversary 1812, because Napoleon lost in Haiti, he offered the Lousiana Territory to the U.S. The strategy payed off financing his army for a lost cause; but the U.S. properly would have gotten the territory for nothing. This is petty much the way the PoM is working all along. Friends become enemy and enemy become friends, when the price is right. Since this time period studies are fascinating because it tells us how propaganda and the PoM bond is unbreakable and does not get too much attention. The public only got the conspiracy of silence what turned into conspiracy theories today. All what happened in the last 305 years could be summed up into 1% vs. 99% followers who all hoped to get a piece of the pie. That the 19th Century was the beginning of the Power of Money (PoM) nobody will question or doubt, because ever since wars kept the majority off balance. The Vienna Conference 1815 participantion equals all other conference participations since then. The 1820s were marked by new confidence in a 44 year old nation, which was manifest by some glaring show-off in the new media "The Magazine" in London. Their boasting was uncannily prophetic: "Let the name of England fade from the list of nations, let her long line of statesmen, heros, scholars, be burird in oblivion, yet so long as an empire of Americans survives, speaking their language, cherishing her institutions, and imitate her example, her name shall be pronounced with veneration through out the world, and her memory be celebrated by a glorious monument." So much for monuments and Coca Cola. Believe it or not, all this occurred 125 years after. 

                           THESIS SIXTEEN 

Puzzle Piece 3 - The 19th Century rise to commercial primacy over its rival.

         What will happen in the capitalist society in the future?

This question is an extremely important one today at a moment when  the general public is confronted with global capitalism. Technology to predict the future will not provide the answer unless citizens understand a philosophy to foresee the future and talk about the laws, development and evolution on earth in our COMAffiliated meet-up circles. Many people don't realize that climate chang is just one sympton of a bigger issue, but hardly not many talk about it. While we have only one planet for now, we must find a harmony and balance within earth's limit. It is no secret that we are standing in the face of unprecedented challenges and must start to think about how much more we contribute to humanity deterioration. 

Ever since Alexander Hamilton and his associates founded the Bank of New York in 1784, bankers have been star actors in the United States of America. The early 19th century rise to commercial primacy over the rivals was develoing chanals, railroads, plantation economy, and the industrial revolution what followed building at the 20th Century the nations cororate headquarters that exported American economic power around the world. Capitalism has served as an engine of growth, a source of inequality, and a catalyst for conflict in American history. While remaking our material world, capitalism's forms have been shaped for over 200 years by race, gender, nations, aristocracy, rubber barons and new rich and want to be rich; with other words the establishment of the power of money in the U.S. I truly made an effort to understand the banking world and read for 40 years at least three times a week the Wall Street Journal and daily since Internet.   

                                   THESIS SEVENTEEN

Puzzle Piece 4 - Pax Britannica, economic growth and financial dominance 

                        HOW IMPORTANT IS MONEY? 

The global financial system was mainliy tied to the gold standard in this period. Few deny that it played a key role in the economics. Any increase in demand has to come from one of the following components: consumption, investment, government purchases and net exports. Uncertainty erodes consumer confidence what reduces spending. John Maynard Keynes 183-1946, economic thinking calls the booms and bust activities a business cycle what puts the task of increasing output on the shoulders of government. Prices and wages respond slowly to changes in supply and demand. Household, businesses, and governments are the driving force in an economy. Do free markets self-balancing mechanismus can lead to full employment? Public debt, market distortions and limit on government spending and public claims, developed methods by the power of money, what only depenbs on how long citizens will understand the finance world and continues to tolerate it. Moneterism is the chief determinate of the dollar GDP on the short run and the price level over longerperiods. interest rates adjust the amount of money in the economy. Can government intervention destabilize the economy more than help it? While the general public lack of understanding of the basic ideas of economics, it is in today's communication era upmost important for citizens to meet-up up in their communities and talk about it to formulate questions for their elected policymakers. Nobody can do it by themselve and be heard. Minding the gab of estimating output, policimakers need several other economic indicators to get an accurate reading of overall capacity pressure in the economy what involves people who are all only doing their job to keep their job. Nobody needs to be an Einstein to communicate positive with others to formulate perceptive questions for politicians, because they themselve are not better off then we are. It would be for the first time anyway that a community circle of citizens sit independent to gether and take this initiative. Ride-a-way, the Albert Einstein formula was E=mc2 equation. My formula is Q&A=CPR4nila@3143U.S.C. equation.




              95 Theses will be continued soon 




         "Be the People" have to make it possible.

                   TO HAVE PEACE ON EARTH AT LAST?

Some believe that only through violence will they attain political freedom and spiritual purity - That only  destructive force will eliminate unwanted rulers. Also some governments use terror to maintain  order and to keep subject people under control. But if it is true that terrorism in an effective tool of rulership and social reform, it should produce peace, prosperity, and stability. After a while, violence and fear should subside. Have we seen those results? Humans have been trying to solve their political, religious and social problems by themselves for thousands of years. But all there attempts have failed. Awake

We cannot any longer ignore that all world governments may have not found the true purpose to be fair to their people. We call for democratic principles and end up with an oligarchy system. Is terrorism only another excuse? What kind of system do you know that could work in favor for common sense people and the common good for all people? A click brings you closer to understand why we always challenged the old authorities and wanted a society that would remove inequalities among the people of the world.

                    Here are some peace loving examples 
The  World March for Peace and Non-Violence from October 2,2009 to January 2,2010 was a success, but should have gotten more national media attention. This is an eye  opener and strenghten our peace effort because many institutions who talk about peace do not support "Peoples Peace Events". This ignorance or arrogance plays into our hands because through the internet people wake up and will support a "Won't you join us" effort in time. 

 The Longest Walk of 1978 should be remembered by all people

It was a peaceful spiritual effort to educate the public about Native American rights and the Native Way of Life. Native American Treaty Rights under the U.S. Constitution are honored as the supreme law of the land. The 360 mile walk was successful in the purpose to gather enough support to halt proposed legislation abrogating Indians treaties with the U.S.government.

Hands Across America on May 25,1986 was clearly built on hope. The Hands Across America official record book introduction from Ken Kragen starts out with some great wisdom of Albert Schweitzer, a man who devoted his whole life to help others.
We must become good plowmen. Hope in the prerequisite of plowing. What sort of farmer plows the furrow in the autumn but has no hope for the spring? So, too we accomplish nothing without hope, without a sure inner hope that a new age is about to dawn. Hope is strength. The energy in the world is equal to the hope in it. And even if only a few people share such hope, a power is created which nothing can hold down - it inevitable spreads to others.
Nothing like Hands Across America had ever been done before. As Ken Kragen continues in his introduction; there were many moments when we could have quit, thrown in the towel, but our hope, our belief in what we were doing, kept us going. The objective of Hands Across America was to implant in each of us the idea that "I'm somebody who can take action," and that a power will be created that nothing can hold back. Hands Across America was also a noteworthy technological achievement. Using computers, television and radio, satellites," electronic mail," and other state-of-the-art systems.... Most of all, Hands was defined by the people who took part. Frankly, I had been worried that the media might bury us before we even had a chance to succeed. We were constantly asked about the number of people who had signed up, and when we gave them numbers that made it appear as if we would fall short of our goal, they began to report that we were failing. Hands Across America was a success. People formed a human chain through city streets, over mountains, across deserts and plains, from sea to sea in the largest participatory event in history. They came together to join the fight against hunger and homelessness in the United States. May 25,1986, a day millions of Americans will never forget - the heart-stirring day when so many joined hands.
This successful event cannot be just something for the record books; we have to build on it and hope to create new interest among people with our www.voice-consensus.com
effort. VOICE is the sponsor of "Hands around the Globe" worldwide in scope or application on 6.26.2026 as a finale act for the involvement of all idealistic citizens everywhere to enjoy everlasting peace on earth. A challenge without fanfare. At this point I would like to close with the words of Harry Belafonte who said it all;
In a world that is so terrible conflicted and which so often desperately struggles to find its way, the concept of Hands Across America on first reading appeared to be totally unattainable, but as we folks became attracted to it, because of these good folks it became abundantly clear that we could make a difference. We didn't know how big, we didn't know how small, but we didn't care. What was most important to us was that we knew we would make a difference. We could never determine quantity, but we knew the meaning and the quality of our effort.

              Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, Charlton Heston

The Longest Walk from February 11 - July 11, 2008 of 4400 miles had a message for all of us

"All life is sacred, save mother earth." We shall walk for the seventh generation for our youth, for peace, for justice, for healing of mother earth, for the healing of our people suffering from diabetes, heart conditions, alcoholism, drug addiction, and other deseases.

Through the elements of the seasons, we shall walk through the rain, snow, over mountains, high winds, through the heat and the cold, nothing shall deter us from completing our mission. "All Life is Sacred, Protect Sacred Sites".

Let those who doubt , hear our pledge, let those who believe, join our ranks......

We hope that our mission for world peace will be as successful as "The Longest Walk", "Hands Across America" and "The World March for Peace and Non-Violence".

"We are the World" - We fall in love with our stars - It is time to fall in love with "World Peace".

We are the world, we are the children, we the ones, who make a.......... 

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