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Young people are the pioneers of new ways, since they face many temptations it will not be easy to know what is best.

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 We do peace   We also have a dream Lächeln

                    Another "PeaceLeaks" Message 

            Why walk for Peace?

We believe as Frederikstad, Norway that it is vital to underline every induvidual's potential to make a difference, even in big political matters. We also believe that one of the best way to do so, is to bring it to the public arena for everyone to participate - therefore the Peace March.

The Peace Walk is an unpolitical and informal group of people who wish to make a statement.

The Berlin, Germany Peace Walk starts in front of City Hall (Das Rote Rathaus) every Wednsday 15:00, an hour long self-guiding walk on "Unter den Linden" to the Brandenburg Gate (The Room of Silence is a symbol, a continuous invitation to tolerance, the brotherhood of man embracing all nationalities and ideologies, a continuous reminder against violence and xenophobia - a contribution, a small step towards peace and spiritual unity, according to the prayer of the United Nations), to  hold a personal  silent prayer for the "Great World Peace Day" event. All you do is to show a sign of peace. It is a silent demonstration against war and terror. The main task  is to utter the opinion of the meaninglessness of war and develop solidarity with as many cities world-wide for the next 15 years to draw attention to the Great World Peace Day on 6.26.2026. For info e-Mail: epluribusunum@t-online.de - PWBerlin.

Why walk for Peace around the World? 

Check with Roland Höhn, Jean Beliveau and Steven Newman, Klaus Todte and you may join them in the most important cause of our time, Consensus on World Peace.

Walk and Talk for Peace. Grandmothers for Peace International meet for a peace virgil every wednesday in front of Rockefeller Center, New York City,USA from 4:30 - 5:30pm. Respectful we support your effort.

Occupywallstreet. An Economic / Peace Movement? As leaderless as peace activists?

Sing and Dance for Peace          -      Come together and share

Listen and Pray for Peace     -     Come together and share

Let us know what - when - where people come together

                         All we are saying is give PEACE a chance


                   Politician of all Nations - listen to your People

        We remove the A of WAR and move it to PEACE.

     There is a need to come together  and communicate

         The World needs a World Peace Forum

                      "We the People" have to make it possible.

                      PEACE ON EARTH AT LAST?

Some believe that only through violence will they attain political freedom and spiritual purity - That only  destructive force will eliminate unwanted rulers. Also some governments use terror to maintain  order and to keep subject people under control. But if it is true that terrorism in an effective tool of rulership and social reform, it should produce peace, prosperity, and stability. After a while, violence and fear should subside. Have we seen those results? Humans have been trying to solve their political, religious and social problems by themselves for thousands of years. But all there attempts have failed. Awake

We cannot any longer ignore that all world governments may have not found the true purpose to be fair to their people. We call for democratic principles and end up with an oligarchy system. Is terrorism only another excuse? What kind of system do you know that could work in favor for common sense people and the common good for all people? A click brings you closer to understand why we always challenged the old authorities and wanted a society that would remove inequalities among the people of the world.

                    Here are some peace loving examples 
The  World March for Peace and Non-Violence from October 2,2009 to January 2,2010 was a success, but should have gotten more national media attention. This is an eye  opener and strenghten our peace effort because many institutions who talk about peace do not support "Peoples Peace Events". This ignorance or arrogance plays into our hands because through the internet people wake up and will support a "Won't you join us" effort in time. 

 The Longest Walk of 1978 should be remembered by all people

It was a peaceful spiritual effort to educate the public about Native American rights and the Native Way of Life. Native American Treaty Rights under the U.S. Constitution are honored as the supreme law of the land. The 360 mile walk was successful in the purpose to gather enough support to halt proposed legislation abrogating Indians treaties with the U.S.government.

Hands Across America on May 25,1986 was clearly built on hope. The Hands Across America official record book introduction from Ken Kragen starts out with some great wisdom of Albert Schweitzer, a man who devoted his whole life to help others.
We must become good plowmen. Hope in the prerequisite of plowing. What sort of farmer plows the furrow in the autumn but has no hope for the spring? So, too we accomplish nothing without hope, without a sure inner hope that a new age is about to dawn. Hope is strength. The energy in the world is equal to the hope in it. And even if only a few people share such hope, a power is created which nothing can hold down - it inevitable spreads to others.
Nothing like Hands Across America had ever been done before. As Ken Kragen continues in his introduction; there were many moments when we could have quit, thrown in the towel, but our hope, our belief in what we were doing, kept us going. The objective of Hands Across America was to implant in each of us the idea that "I'm somebody who can take action," and that a power will be created that nothing can hold back. Hands Across America was also a noteworthy technological achievement. Using computers, television and radio, satellites," electronic mail," and other state-of-the-art systems.... Most of all, Hands was defined by the people who took part. Frankly, I had been worried that the media might bury us before we even had a chance to succeed. We were constantly asked about the number of people who had signed up, and when we gave them numbers that made it appear as if we would fall short of our goal, they began to report that we were failing. Hands Across America was a success. People formed a human chain through city streets, over mountains, across deserts and plains, from sea to sea in the largest participatory event in history. They came together to join the fight against hunger and homelessness in the United States. May 25,1986, a day millions of Americans will never forget - the heart-stirring day when so many joined hands.
This successful event cannot be just something for the record books; we have to build on it and hope to create new interest among people with our www.voice-consensus.com
effort. VOICE is the sponsor of "Hands around the Globe" worldwide in scope or application on 6.26.2026 as a finale act for the involvement of all idealistic citizens everywhere to enjoy everlasting peace on earth. A challenge without fanfare. At this point I would like to close with the words of Harry Belafonte who said it all;
In a world that is so terrible conflicted and which so often desperately struggles to find its way, the concept of Hands Across America on first reading appeared to be totally unattainable, but as we folks became attracted to it, because of these good folks it became abundantly clear that we could make a difference. We didn't know how big, we didn't know how small, but we didn't care. What was most important to us was that we knew we would make a difference. We could never determine quantity, but we knew the meaning and the quality of our effort.

              Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, Charlton Heston

The Longest Walk from February 11 - July 11, 2008 of 4400 miles had a message for all of us

"All life is sacred, save mother earth." We shall walk for the seventh generation for our youth, for peace, for justice, for healing of mother earth, for the healing of our people suffering from diabetes, heart conditions, alcoholism, drug addiction, and other deseases.

Through the elements of the seasons, we shall walk through the rain, snow, over mountains, high winds, through the heat and the cold, nothing shall deter us from completing our mission. "All Life is Sacred, Protect Sacred Sites".

Let those who doubt , hear our pledge, let those who believe, join our ranks......

We hope that our mission for world peace will be as successful as "The Longest Walk", "Hands Across America" and "The World March for Peace and Non-Violence".

"We are the World" - We fall in love with our stars - It is time to fall in love with "World Peace".

We are the world, we are the children, we the ones, who make a.......... 

                Let's stop talking and do something

 Cities and Towns everywhere follow a peaceful trend like...

                                   Walk for Peace 

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