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Young people are the pioneers of new ways, since they face many temptations it will not be easy to know what is best.

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          E pluribus unum WE OCCUPY PEACE Lächeln
          I am the One - One of many

who did not know what race, sex and language was all about when I entered a phenomenal world of circumstances nineteen hundred and thirty-nine. All I did took a deep breath, was hungry and started listening to the name "Klaus". A German name in an environment that ended up to be the greatest disaster in human history. Being in the middle of it all, my mother and I was on the move to find family members and flee from an escalating war, left few memories and little understanding of what was going on. When it was all over, I was grateful that my family was still alive, except mothers father who died on hunger in the aftermath. As my first questions surfaced, public education left with me an ideology I was not ready for. Involuntary, my reflection  of the past two decades took on a meaningless character until I became a 20th Century Pilgrim immigrant. I was now the one who had his back against the wall with language and cultural differences. No questions asked. Through my curiosity and motivation I succeed in one's aim and my vision recapured  a lost childhood with the result of a reasonable good family life. I started to adopt a lifestyle of self-esteem and self-determination in a constitutional republic with the vision of peaceful ways and means. The next two decades I examined the past to find some answers to a renunciation of war.

What should I have done different in the four decades of my life? How much of a burden should I have carried with me? A reasonable question but difficult to answer. The only answer came to mind is that previous generations did not asked enough questions, otherwise they would have learned that war is not the answer to solve conflicts.The teachings of history should encourage to go beyond what we inherited from preceding generations and should question some of the status quo issues. Many people can relate to the sacred story of creation but there was nothing sacred about human evolution. It should be obvious to everyone that the essence of the process of evolution is survival of the fittest. It is the ability of an organism to cope with changes in it's environment in order to assure it's survival and replication. Only humans have developed the mental faculties to pose questions: What is life at liberty? What does human rights really mean on earh? How can people shift from ego to essence and correct a destructive world view? Should we voice consensus about our aspiration for an international peace based on justice? Should people everywhere renounce war as a sovereign right of the nations and do not accept the belligerency of the state? Most people know that these questions need answers for a long time, but when I read that today our global civilization is a large dissipative structure increasingly perturbed and undergoing fluctuations, and throughout the world, systems are increasingly unstable or dysfunctional, I am confused because nothing really has changed since I studied history. We are using more energy to handle these problems but in ways that seem ineffective - like building more and more weapons and prisons for greater security of fighting war aginst drugs when kids roam aimlessly in the streets with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Hunger, poverty, social and economic injustice, global warming, resource depletion, pollution, overpopulation, the loss of rain forest - all these factors are escalating and are now tending to converge in catastrophe. Why can't people recognize obvious problems and are so helpless in our society? Ironically we say to ourselves, that the good old times are only good for those who don't have to live them any longer, except some individual memories and a lot of good will gestures. When education produces knowledge and wisdom, it looks to me that for too long people talking around the factor "Truth" and so becoming bystanders of own evolution. Birth 2012 and beyond, humanity's great shift to the age of conscious evolution, is an attempt by visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard to make us aware of a sustainable future. The time has come and a sign for world peace is going around the world and I want to be part of it.

Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they remember it, and, above all, accurately so the will be guided by it's light. Joseph Pulitzer. In short, I am writing this in a precision sentence structure for young people to understand what is really happening within and around them and get an overview in our accelerated lifetime. While too many things are interconnected and constantly expanding, it is impossible for anybody to recognize the truth at any given time. Idealistic manifestoes and declarations have always been important in American history. The Mayflower proclaimed a special obligation to god. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution launched a new country based on a set of bold principles. John F. Kennedy's quote: "My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country", followed by: "I have a dream" from Martin Luther King Jr., had a great deal in common because of a deep faith in the American people and their ability to govern themselves. But the historical fact is that in the last half century hardly anything advanced in the world for the common good. Does collective action can solve all world's problems? Not until inner peace settles in us and we take a stand against militarism, emphasize citizen involvement and insist on equality/justice and come to an agreement on the proper role of government. This understanding must take place and will be possible with a shift to the age of conscious evolution. Young people have the energy if they arise at last from the heavy slumber and barbarous dream which have long haunted the benighted mind of men, shall join in glad acclaim to usher in the golden era of humanity. Humanity's fundamental rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness can only happen through the effort of citizen who speak for them.

          Dear CSC Website Reader:

The time has come for us (Common Sense Citizen) to make a statement about humanity's propensity; explained in the dictionary as a natural incliation, innate or inherent tendency, favorable disposition or partiality; a disposition to set in order or arrange our thoughts to talk positive with each other in our communities about why, how and who was and still is behind all our grievance; a cause of distress to make a complaint to our political elected representatives on all levels. Especially about violence in our society, unjust legal decisions and unfair economic treatment. While the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America gave us a 1st Amendment that ensures it's citizens the right to petition the government for redress of grievances; a well organized common sense COMAffiliated meet-up circle movement is a legitimate reason for citizens to voice consensus for the common good and world peace one day. What would have happened, if the printing press during the Renaissance era did not enable the flow of information and encourage the spread of new ideas? Properly what we are doing still today. Being opinionated about local community happenings and continue to hope for better times to come. Our question today: Do we still need a systematic attempt to shape perceptions to influence the emotions, attitude, opinions, and actions of specified target audiences for ideological, political or commercial purpose through controlled transmission of one-sided messages via mas and direct media chanels? Anybody with an open mind still says: "What can I do about it?" and most of us are not confident about any positive changes. This explains why humanty's indifference developed. Even with all the think tanks, do good organizations and individual citizens effort; we do not teach our children the skills of peace making. What we do best is complaining, being experts of little and just finding out that the power of money is behind most of our society problems. Are we capable to ask the meida to work in our behalf? For this reason alone community citizens must take the only initiative left to vote, communicate with our elected representatives and organize common sense to make a difference.

Become part of a "Value of Doctrine" to end endless war and terror. We, who use common sense believe that very good things can be achieved, even if this does not seem likely to others. When governments have vested interest in maintaing the status quo, we need to understand that this reflects an existing State of Affairs, especially regarding social and political issues that concern all of us, because we are taxpayers. If we think that our representatives are not accountable to us, we need to talk to them with professional questions. Let's lobby a peaceful way with common sense. A free seminar from occupypeace@icloud.com will help you to get started to become a Community Citizens Network Power what will strenghten capitalism for the many and not the few.


             How can People - Countries - Continents - come together?

The mandate for a World Passport is Article 13 (2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.  The World Passport represents the inalienable human right of freedom to travel on Planet Earth.

A World Peace Agreement...expressed the hopes, dreams and desires of each citizen... and the human rights it guarantees should be upheld by every nation.

This passport symbolizes that the holder ..............made a commitment to human rights and peaceful solutions, fair taxation and is one of many messengers who support a "Hands around the Globe" effort, signed a "Citizen World Peace Agreement" and "Ask for Ten" more petition signatures.

                                      21st Century World Peace Agreement

The citizen of the earth having agreed that the advancement of man in spiritual excellence and physical welfare is the common goal of mankind; that universal peace is the prerequisite for the pursuit of that goal; that justice in turn is the prerequisite of peace, peace and justice stand or fall together; that iniquity and war inseparable spring from competitive anarchy of the national states; that therefore the military power of nations must end and the era of humanity begin.

                Taken from the Great Ideas Today 1971 Britannica Great Books page 333

                                   Lächeln    Each one - teach one      Lächeln            

            A Global Education Initiative  -  A World Peace Passport


           Travel to colorful places and enjoy cultures around the globe

 I met Nila from Brazil, who thaught me to be calm about indignant indications

         World Peace Passport  is available from epluribusunum@t-online.de Att. WPP. 

                         Citizen World Peace Petition Online

Citizens who support VOICE "Hands around the Globe " effort, signed the World Citizen Peace Agreement, "Ask for Ten" more petition signatures and is carrying a World Peace Passport to symbolize a commitment to World Peace...is a true international messenger for peace. After receiving a "Certificate of Peace", will be a candidate for the "Hall of Peace". Check out www.auroville.org

               Let's make world peace a priority

Since 1901 is the Nobel Peace Prize awarded. In the Introduction by Professor Jacob Sverdrup, former director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute in Oslo Norway, he writes for the book "The Words of Peace" that the years have followed that award have not been very peaceful. It can be said that the twentieth century has been one of the most warlike centuries in Western history... The Peace Prizes that have been awarded tell us, however, that peace means more than just the absence of war. Peace is also the absence of suppression and injustice. When people live with suppression, hunger, and lack of any hope for the future, conflicts will arise and the chance of war increases. Only international solidarity with people living under unjust conditions can create a more peaceful world.... The Nobel prize winners have an obligation to deliver the Nobel lecture.

Nobely said but the cronology tells us that since 1901 over 114 Nobel Peace Prizes www.Nobelprize.org were awarded and no World Peace is in sight.The question why we go through the motion of awarding them is justified because the living winners should use their influrence and let citizens know how we can ever have world peace? We call on them to support our effort " Hands Around the Globe" and sign with us a Citizens World Peace Agreement by 6.26.2026. We honor their short speech of thanks and accept everybody in the "Hall of Peace" when they speak in our behalf. The struggle for peace goes on continuously. Willy Brandt tells us something very important in a few sentences: "Peace, like freedom, is no original state which exist from the start; we shall have to make it, in the truest sense of the word." We encourage everybody to read "The Words of Peace", selections from the speeches of the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, selected and edited by Irwin Abrams.

                    2009 Nobel Peace Prize for  President of the United States of America Barack Obama

For 108 years, the Norwegian Noble Committee has sought to stimulate precicisely that international policy and those attitudes for wich U.S. President Barack Obama is now the world's leading spokesman. The Committee endorses Obama's appeal that "Now is the time for all of us to take our share of responsibility for a global response to global challenges."

"The question we have to ask is who has done the most in the previous year to enhance peace in the world." the Nobel Committee chairman Thorbjorn Jagland, said in Oslo after the announcement. "And who has done more than Barack Obama?" Following is a part of U.S.President Obama's remarks in response to receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.

I am both surprised and deeply humbled by the decision of the Nobel Committee. Let me be clear, I do not view it as a recognition of my own accomplishments, but rather as an affirmation of American leadership on behalf of aspirations held by people in all nations. To be honest, I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who've been honored by this prize, men and woman who've inspired me and inspired the entire world that gives life to the promise of our founding documents.True words!  -  To be honest, even here politics did not stop.

2017, we will try to contact Former President Barack Obama and ask him to support our effort. Reading all his published books before his Presidency, told me that as an individual citizen, he feels as strong about community life as we do and as a Nobel Peace Laureates may help and support awaken our communities out of a C.O.M.A. and organize community common sense and establish a peaceful future for our grandchildren.


        1997 - 2009 Prize Certificates for no World Peace - Let's sign a Citizens World Peace Agreement first!

       What the world needs now is you and I to reach out and support a "Peace and Justice" effort. 

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