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                       Another "PeaceLeaks" Message

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OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) Chemicals-Arm Watchdog wins Nobel Peace Prize.  

OPCW started  1997 with its Headquarters in Den Hague Netherlands and ratified by 189 states. It includes mustard gas, nerve agents like sarin and VX. Non-signatures are North Korea, Angola, Egypt, South Sudan. Israel and Myanmar have signed but not ratified the convention. OPCW has more than 5000 inspections in 86 Countries. funded by its members with $ 100 Million in 2011. Employs 500 people with an Turish diplomat director Ahmet Uzumcu. OPCW reports that the U.S. has destroyed about 90% of its stockpile, Russia 70%, Lybia 51%. Associated Press and published at the WSJ on October 11,2013 also mentioned that 81% of the world's declared stockpiles of chemical agents have been certified destroyed.

                 In memory of Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims - The Genbaku Dom

        Citizens make a pledge to do more for future generations

                              Between life and death

On August 6, 1945, the first atomic bomb used in warfare was dropped from an American airplane onto the city of Hiroshima in Japan. Three days later, a second bomb fell on Nagasaki, another Japanese city. More than 150,000 Japanese died in the resulting holocausts. Thousands of others suffered dreadful aftereffects.

The Hiroshima bomb "Little Boy" used 64.1 kilograms of about 89 percent enriched uranium and had a 1.4 percent efficiency, which would give about a 15-kilotron yield. The Nagasaki bomb used 6.2 kilograms of plutonium with 17 percent efficiency, giving about 20- kiloton yield. A check into the Nuclear Weapon Archive will make us realize that nuclear weapons are the most destructive technology ever developed.

 Here is what United States of America Secretary of War Henry L. Stinson 1947 wrote about the decision to use the bomb: "The face of war is the face of death; death is an inevitable part of any order that a wartime leader gives... War in the twentieth century has grown steadily more barbarous, more destructive, more debased in all aspects. Now, with the release of atomic energy, man's ability to destroy himself is very nearly complete. The bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended a war. They also made it wholly clear that we must never have another war. This is the lesson men and leaders everywhere must learn, and I believe that when they learn it they will find a way to lasting peace. There is no other choice."


Over 60 Years later, "How do we continue to deal with war and peace?" It cannot be any longer the decision of leaders, but citizens everywhere. In our name, governments have to make peace not just a priority, but also a passion. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said on the International Day of Peace on September 21: "Let us pledge to do more, wherever we are in whatever way we can, to make every day a day of peace." Everybody should read the book "Hiroshima" written by John Hersey. It speaks for itself, and in an unforgettable way, for humanity. The newest publication, The Nuclear Express - A political history of the bomb and its proliferation from Thomas C. Reed and Danny B. Stillman  came for to may people too late.

                         A Holocaust Project makes available hard-to-find information


                                    For the dead and the living, we must bear witness - Elie Wiesel

                      God must have been on leave during the holocaust

                I am impressed with Yoav Shamir's film "Defamation"

 " We will remind generations to come". Power kills, absolute power kills absolutely

"I know what I want, I have a goal, I have opinions, a religion and love. If only I can be myself. I`ll be satisfied, I know that I`m a women, a women with inner strength and a great deal of courage! If God lets me live, I´ll achieve more than mother ever did. I`ll make my voice heard, I`ll go out into the world and work for mankind. And now I know that courage and happiness are needed first."  Written by a women in the Concentration Camp in Bergen-Belsen, Germany


          Is this what war is all about - Killing -destroying and being handicaped for life?

Naturally the common people don't want war, but after all it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag people along whether it is a democracy, a fascist dictaorship or a parlament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. This is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country. Herman Göring, former Reichsmarshall  at the Nürnberg Trail in Germany after World War II 

     How important is world peace?

             Do we have a chance? Do we have the will?

I was a good boy, as my parents and grandparents wanted me to be. I stayed out of trouble and learned all the things I needed to hold a job and raise a family with a reasonable living standard. I came to the conclusion that what happened so far was based on curiosity, luck and motivation. Curiosity; to find out what life is all about. Luck; to be at the right place at the right time and motivation; to make the best out of every situation you are confronted with. Of course I was lucky to survive World War 2. As a 20th Century pilgrim I learned the most valuable lesson in life, to be flexible and get to know cultural differences. Afterworth you could say that these "Life preparing" issues should be taught in school. Nevertheless most people turn out O.K. - I noticed that every fifteen years is a turning point, if the right decision goes into one’s plans. It will not protect anybody from circumstances beyond control, but nobody can take away your knowledge and sense of satisfaction. The United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights gave me an inside on how the world around me could properly function, if "We the People" take time to understand and speak in our behalf. I don't have to get into any details to know that hypocrisy rules the world. From conspiracy assumption to self-serving power instinct, self-determined good boys and girls are out of place. History is proof of it. Summarizing my life with events as the End of World War 2, The Cold War between the Soviets and Americans, Cuba Crisis and what could have been, the Nuclear proliferation, all the American involvement in wars say one thing, that only a few knew all along of the forces involved. It is uncomprehendable that as a Constitutional Republic, "We the People" are in the hands of an oligarchy system. As I read books like "War is a Lie";"The Nuclear Express"; "Collapse"; "Guns, Germs, and Steel", "Theater of War" and "Will America change?", I have a right to question what is wrong in our society. The latest disaster of Fukushima  in Japan brings only Chemobyl in Ukrainian back into the news. What about radioactive debris? Did we open a Pandora's Box? Is our leadership going against nature and ourselves? Every day we hear more bad news of the past and the present. History is a process of reassessment; it considers events in light of before and after, prologue and response. Time and reflection offer the opportunity to focus more clearly not only on what went wrong but why policies were bound to be misconceived. We have proof that working people left their mark of hope and create a civilization that changed the world for a better place, except to find a way to live in peace with each other. What did we learn from the past? It is no longer a question on what side we are on in a nuclear age; it is time to make a personal World Peace Agreement with every living person on earth to secure for all citizens the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. We have a plan and set a target date for a Great Citizen World Peace Day on 6.26.2026 to commemorate the end of all wars. When the pamphlet " Common Sense" was published 1776 byThomas Paine and stirred the passion of citizen, a Common Sense  message should be a guiding light for a peaceful future, if you will. Solidarity will bring us world peace.

What do we remenber about World War II?

Should films like "The Bridge on the River Kwai" 1957, and "To End all Wars" 2001, reason enough for people to become a pacifist? (found expression for their conviction that war in general is immoral and inexpedient)

How else can we show our condolence to all the people who perished in wars?

Most people are too young today, should they listen to the recording video interviews with survivors of the concentration camps and POW camps?

Why Holocaust movies, when they only reminded us about all the innocent people who died in the most inhuman and brutal crimes of the 20th Century?

Should we not tell young people to see films like Schindler's List (Steven Spielberg 1993), The Grey Zone (James Berardinelli 2002), The Pianist (Roman Polanski 2003), Amen (Costa-Garvas), Invisible (Werner Herzog), Goodbye Children (Louis Malle, France 1987)?

                        War or Peace? 

Are nuclear weapons an abstraction to the general public?

Since Leo Szilard (1898-1964) conceived 1933 the nuclear chain reaction, who followed what ended up in the making of  atomic bombs?

What have 1945 - 1960 - 1964 - 1966 - 1974 - 1980 - 1998- and 2006 in common?

How did the USA, England, France, Russia, France, Israel, China, India, Pakistan developed their atomic bombs and tested them?

How can we avoid mass destruction and built lasting peace, when governments releases secret documents and tolerated espionage among each other?

Is the real threat to the U.S. military force other countries nuclear, chemical or biological weapons?

If you listen to Ann Wright, a former army reserve colonel and diplomat who resigned her post as a public opposition in protest  against war, this should make us all aware of what is going on?

How do we find a lasting way to peace?

Is David Swanson book "War is a Lie" an antidote to the toxins of complacency and evation?

Is the book "War is a Lie" American's best defense against the greatest danger we face as human beings: the threat of war?   


                     Something else to remember


Monday, November 20, 1967, the population of the United States of America reached 200 million people, the world population 3.4 billion. My sister has her 21st Birthday in East Germany and I turned 28 a month ago, living in Connecticut, USA. A time to think, look into the past, understand the presents and make a plan for the future. Are we better off now with 200 million people then we were with 100 million? Are we happier? Richer? Wiser? Which were the good years, which were the bad? People came and people went. In 51 years since we were half as populous as we are now, at least 165,000,000 American were born and approximate 70,500,000 died. In those 51 years... we spend 15 years fighting wars, in which 392,107 Americans were killed, and 10 years in great depression; we became a world power and a world leader and we grew to be the richest and strongest nation on earth. We fought two world wars and won them both, but we failed to make the world safe from oppression and in the other we ended fascism but not dictatorship. We fought two medium sized wars, we ended one but the other goes on while the partial use of our power seems unable to end it and the full use unthinkable. We proposed a world peace organization, introduced nuclear power to the world, gave billions of dollars in foreign aid and have many problems of our own. We added 15 years to our life expectancy, multiplied our national income 17 times and our debt 300 times, provided more Americans with more things and more education than any other people have ever known. We went from a rural majority to an urban and suburban majority, from a male to female majority, from a majority of home renters to homeowners, from a registered majority of republicans to a registered majority of democrats. Women won the right to vote, a roman catholic was elected President, a black man became a Justice of the Supreme Court and the membership of Labor Unions multiplied 10 times. We have gone from a crisis, from suspicion to self-doubt, from things that couldn't be worse to things that were, from a depression in which it seemed our system might fail to a nuclear crisis in which it seemed the world might come to an end. We grew accustomed to be first in everything and then we had to learn how to be second. We cured many diseases, we made it possible for man to live long enough to die of newer diseases, we accelerated the speed of man from 60 miles an hour to 18,000 miles an hour and ended up with a man in space. We suffered varying agony in our streets; the bread lines of the hungry, the rioting of labor seeking to organize, the murder of a President, the rioting farmers seeking a bigger share of food prices, the rioting blacks seeking a greater share of freedom. We suffered the varying sneers of the young, the bohemians of the twenties who found us to money hungry, the wild-eyed radicals of the thirties who found us too conservative, the bearded beatniks of the fifties who found us too square, the flowered hippies of the sixties, who found us to materialistic directed and now the marching members of the left who find us to blind to the suffering of others. We have complicated our lives, question our stability and worried ourselves in full circles; we are unsettled to the very roots of our being. The danger of childbirth almost disappeared as a statistic, housewife's now ran smaller households with fewer relatives of previous generation his or hers on the premise. This development revolutionary in itself, wastly, stimulated the nations economy, since two generations living apart they need twice as many couches and can openers, comforted the wife's psyche since she gets less interference; created the institution of imported baby sitter; increased the loneliness and uselessness of the aged. Women now keep house with more appliances, scarcely remembering the prime-evil past of 1916, when the rug had to be beaten on the line, clothes had to be boiled and rubbed on the washboard, Thanksgiving dinners had to be shopped for in several stores instead of one supermarket and heaven forbid, there was no television to hypnotize the kids while supper was prepared. Despite the frequent alarms raised about our decaying family fabric, the annual divorce rate has only gone up a bit since 1916, from eight per one thousand married women to ten. Mothers have their last child earlier, marry their last child sooner. In 1916 only eight percent of married women worked; now it's thirty-six percent, women outlive men by one to seven. Birth statistics can be used to prove anything except a new cause. 51 years ago our rate was twenty-eight percent one thousand population. It dropped during the depression to eighteen, climbed after the boys returned from world war two to twenty-seven and are now down again to twenty-one. Why it's down is anybody's guess, explanation ranging from the pill to the high cost of living, to the mother's eternal yearning for more freedom. One thing is clear about America, that in the last half century we now earn more, own more and owe more.
Since 1916, when the dollar was worth three times more then now, our total national income has multiplied 17 times. We owed only about billion in home mortgage loans and .6 billion in consumer credit. From the turn of the century, the normal workweek went from sixty hours and six days to forty hours and five days. People work less physically, have easier jobs and spend more money on recreation then before, but we pay more taxes now then they did ever before. Among Americans aged 25 to 29, only nineteen percent had graduated from high school in 1916 and now the figure is sixty-nine percent, our college enrollment has multiplied more than twelve times.
All this, the modern American takes for granted, without realizing that it has occurred in a world in which two out five people cannot read and write. American own more cars than the whole rest of the world and we have half the world's supply of telephone. (of course not any longer with the cellphones of today) But let it also be noted that the roads are jammed, the air is polluted, and we are becoming more anonymous all the time. In the old days we had a name, now we are numbers in somebody's computer, the government's, the bank's, the army or the credit card Company's, and we are told how we voted before we voted. We are definitely more sanitized, homogeneous, capitalized, computerized and analyzed; we live longer and have more.
Let's stop for a while and think. A lot has happened in the last 51 years. What about the next 51 years? Are things moving to fast? I am busy making a living, trying to raise two boys and keep up with everything what is happening here and abroad. The question on my mind is: "What can I do about it?"
35 years are now past and 2002 the population in the USA was 280.562.489 Million and will reach by 2050, 403.943.147 Million. Doubling the population in 83 years will change everything and we don't take in account the Asian population growth of three countries from over a Billion people. This will double the world population. How is it possible to maintain the status quo? Books and articles are written about it, but our leadership is keeping it a big secret how the world is accommodating this population increase in the next 44 years. I think we have to help the United Nations. We must organize a Citizens World Peace Agreement that bring most of human conflicts to an end. Problems are created by minority interest groups through money and power. I am convinced that there is a lack of peaceful motivation to make our leadership aware of waste and corruption. Could occupytogether change our minds in the next fifteen years? What are our choices: "Doing business as usual or try to motivate new ways and means for the common good". Life goes on with or without us. One fact remains, most people are responsible citizens and would like to leave this world in good hands for future generations. 
October,17 2006 the Population of the United States reached 300 Million, 4.48% of  World Population. We are writing the year 2018. 51 years are gone and everything is looking that it is getting worth for humanity and environment. Trumpmania divides people around the world and terrorism took over world wars. Is it time to meet-up in our communities and start organizing Community Common Sense and start talking to our elected representatives to make a world of difference?


        A World in Flames  - Can we make a difference with peace solidarity?

  Americans started to believe....

Americans believe in a military "Good Guy" philosophy and started to ignore that their own government is initiating most conflicts. If we look at American wartime history it is unmistakable that from the birth of this nation until today we became accustomed to war nostalgia, different from any other countries history. Through memorials, legion posts, civil war commemoration, cemetery's, museums, veterans of foreign wars, books, war exhibits in fifty states, documentary and movies, American view war differently. Not from the brutality, loss of lives and unneccessary economic strain on taxpayers, rather as a self-righteous act to maintain liberty and freedom since the American revolution. (Freedom is not a reaction; freedom is not a choice. It's man's pretence that because he has a choice he is free. Freedom is pure observation without direction without fear of punishment and reward. Freedom is without motive; freedom is not at the end of the evolution of man but lies in the first step of his existence. In observation one begins to discover the lack of freedom. Freedom is found in the choiceless awareness of our daily existence. Thought is time. Thought is born of experience of knowledge, which are inseparable from time. Time in the psychological enemy of man. Our action is based on knowledge and therefore time. Taken from Krishnamurti's Teachings Online) Future projects falter because on the unwillingness to explore America's past. It is not that America is oblivious to the past - it is a source of imagery, a terrain filled with iconic heroes and mythic validation that sustains its vision of the future. What it is not is a territory mined for serious national debate of deeds done and their outcomes either at home or abroad. Citizen entrapment? A conduct by government inducing citizen to commit an offence that he otherwise would have not done. I suggest a book written by Ziauddin Sardar and Merryl Wyn Davies "Will America change".  The mature mind of our founding fathers created for the first time in human history a vision that changed the world. Where there is no vision we are told the people perish. Where there is no maturity there is no vision. We now begin to know this. We realize that the evil of our life come not from deep evil within us but from immaturity responses of life. Our obligation then, is to mature. This is what our time requires of us. Because peaceful negotiations were never part of the status quo philosophy, only common sense citizens can make a difference by restoring the Constitution of the United States of America and create a Department of Peace. This is what may yet the saving of us. "We the people" Foundation for Constitutional Education laid the groundwork  to bring back what Thomas Jefferson said over 230 years ago," The people are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." The Articles of Freedom is a plan to save the Constitution. Every citizen of the United States of America should read them and make a pledge. A recent editorial on reform makes it clear that it's time to reform the concept of reform. It's time to return to the bold initiatives that strip power from insiders and upend the established order. Public opinion will not make legislation. As we all know today, once government grants itself power, that power is always expended and used to dominate our lives. To explain the wrongs, the media is using most of the time the words education and accountability of our elected representatives. It is very difficult to answer who the enemy of the people is because there are parties, media  interest and lobbyist groups who disguise themselves as tea party supporters and more opinions confuse and divide the public. Justice became a business venture and gets further away from us. May be "We the People" need to establish our own lobby  to restore our Constitution. The People, shall either rally around the Devine Rights of Free Men’s Constitution and the Rule of Law, or continue to rely on the promise and assurances of our Representatives and experience more debt, dependency and decay. Humanity‘s greates Problem is the lack of overview of Common Sense People. The book „Age of Anger“ by Pankaj Mishra could change this, if we are interested enough to pass on a more peaceful world to our grandchildren. There is no way to Peace, because Peace is the way.

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