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Young people are the pioneers of new ways, since they face many temptations it will not be easy to know what is best.

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                  Another "PeaceLeaks" Message

  We all intuitively understand that we need rules and must follow them, but what happens today, one cannot even have an opinion about it. Most of it is an insult to any bodies intelligence, it's hypocrisy what rules the world and this needs "Be the People" attention. Help us to put a 1812 Historic Trail Puzzle together for future generations to have a better overview and understanding.

The 2016 Presidential Debate was the best I have seen so far, because it showed me that political entertainment is more important than common sense peace and justice. A non political billionaire is saying what no politician could or would say to get elected.  Interesting is how the media is dealing with it, especially after the Al Smith Dinner, Clinton and Trump gage Fundraiser for a Catholic charity event in NYC. This confirms that this election is a joke. An absolute eight month stupid dialog of media and politicians will end on November 8 and show Americans how bad their government is functioning under the global power of money. It must be obvious by now that this is Un-American and that another reason is behind all this? We proberly will find out at the 2020 Presidential Election. Donald Trump said some things we want to hear, because it is the first time in American history that the Republican Party is not ready to take on the Presidency and planned for this a Holliwood script to divorse themselves from Donald Trump to win the 2020 Election with MR by a landslide. I was wrong but was the Republican Party wrong? Donald did not go down in history as a candidate no other candidate ever could say: "I had a great time to make America great again on TV and to run against a crooked Hillary with thirty years of political experience". All what was said will be forgotten soon. But over all we should test the political experiences of Senators and Congress Representatives and make it a point to talk to them locally in our communities. This is we want to make possible. Talk to our elected representatives.

Donald Trump won the Election, what the media did not anticipated; good news, another President elected by electorial votes. Who are the electors? Americans need to awaken out of a C.O.M.A. and start to meet-up in their communities and talk about the American Dream of the future. Is the natural world suppose to conform to industrial capitalism for the few or the many?

  ELECTION DAY NOVEMBER,8 2016 and 2020 Vote!

America's gridlock is developed by partisan political system what is dominated by the media, especially TV, talk radio and political blogs. While the relative uninformed public is vulnerable to political rhetoric. The political system is dependent on financial contributions to election campaign and through lobbyism's  exploit the political structure at the expense of national security. Studies show that there will be for some decades a political warfare between the left and the right. Most people always thought all problems are about the top and bottom. (Rich and Poor) As a result America's political system and foreign policy are paralyzing the country and fuel the global impression of impotence in a face of pressing social needs; just as Zbigniew Brzezinski writes in his new book "Strategic Vision". A must read book to understand why common sense citizens need to awaken their communities out of a coma with a Community Occupy Movement Affiliate meet-up circle and talk to each other about America's balance sheet and liabilities: National Debt, Inequality, Decaying Infrastructure, Political Ignorance, Gridlocked Politics and Assets of Economic Strength, Inovative Political Demograhic Dynamics, Reactive Mobilization, Geographic Base and Democratic Appeal. Food for thought.

An overview of past historically developments analyse that since the 2nd American Revolution from 1812-15 the power of money got established and started it's strategic vision to have government work for it. All the following "ism" we're used to distract the general public from its real purpose; we experience today with their global vision.

American citizen are getting use to the idea that it does not matter who is President of the United States of America or what party has the majority in the Senate or House. Following the election since 1960 between J.F.Kennedy and Richard Nixon and the next ten Presidency, it is clear to me that these choices never benefited the American people, based on what happened at any given time. Learning about the U.S.Constitution and participating in community affairs, I soon recognized that talking and doing in a pro and con society favor more interest than the common good. As a taxpayer and peace activist, candidate for political office and a concern of government un-constitutional behavior, I did appreciate the individual freedom to take charge of one's life at first but quickly noticed how government bureaucracy took self-determination and induviduals rights away from it's citizens and made the American Dream an American Nightmare. If in the next three presidential terms no world peace is in sight, Americans sold themselves to a system what will have no chance of survival because America cannot live from it's political rhetoric and must admit that in today's global environment the American know how is a fading glory, while the super power status put a strain on it's own citizens. The fact is that a status quo never survived in the past when it did not learn from previous mistakes. Human nature is suffering all along from them and two world wars were not too long ago. The transition from feudalism to a so called democracy ended in a Constitutional Republic were the meaning of common sense did not mean common good. Business power developed the trends of technological advancements and more people benefited from it after world war two.Today we experience a knowledge boom of common people who learn that the good all days are only good for those who don't have to live them any longer. It is hard to find balance and harmony in an hostile environment that puts more emphasis on propaganda than values. Consumerism effectively eliminated after 40 years communism, but became itself a victim of a destructive system; if income levels of the majority cannot compete with volume orientation of business. From all arguments of election promises and U.S. Presidential Inaugural Addresses only on January 20, 1977 one sentence stands out:"So only together in the spirit of individual sacrifice for the common good, we must simply do our best and rekindle the confidence for lasting peace." While people looking for answers, the media entertains us with good and evil, rich and poor, conspiracy and paradox. Articles and books are written about incompetence and dishonesty of American political leaders. One book written in 1974 by Paul R. Ehrlich "The End of Affluence" following "The Population Bomb" - predicted a growing defection from the American Way of Consumption - a movement whose leadership will not come from our established institution, business corporations or government, but from ourselves. This means motivating our leadership. For this we need C.O.M.Affiliate meet-up circles in every community. Because we have no experience in this field, while the lobbyists get all the attention, we properly have to wait until our Internet generation recognize that knowledge is not only power and money, but the only way to establish a lifestyle with self-esteem and respect for others well being on earth. Talking to many students everywhere, I am confident that this will all happen in the next 10 years, because I am looking forward to the great citizen world peace day on 6.26.2026. From this day on we reverse 2000 years of hope for a better tomorrow and start to have a better day, every day. For all the people who do not believe that this can happen, I only say:"Show a Sign of Peace" and be happy to be part of this century to be part of this change. Otherwise, as long we have in the world individual economic instability and some one says to you:"Eat your heart out", they are joking by saying: that they are better than you and think they are the P.o.M. untouchables forever. I cannot accept and no future generation will, that humanity's greatest achievement was to advance from slavery to a paid-slavery for the majority of people in the world.

Before you continue to read please read Chris Hedges book "The World As It Is", Dispatches on the myth of human progress. An eye opener.

        Now some thoughts about the Election process in the United States of America

Every eight years could be an important U.S. election, if the majority of voters agree to stop government from ignoring the U.S. Constitution. If you look at the results of the last political party who is trying to recover from one of the worst debacle in recent history and look at their candidates, it is obvious that there was only one media stamped un-electable, loopy stunning dangerous candidate who could show Americans the way back to a Constitutional Republic. Most citizen are too commited to the status quo for economic reasons. This was the previous election, one of 10 other elections I lived under. 2016 Election is a political entertainment show. A man vs. women "American Style", a rich vs. at became rich, popular votes vs. electoral votes, insult vs. promises, HC-Mails vs. DT-Cases, HC will be America's future for four years? If you follow world politics, you know what is going on in Brazil? 2020 America will "awaken out of a coma", because things will change dramatically with Donald Trump and when MR as the next Republican President introduces indirekt a UBI System that will motivate the American student to plan their personal lifestyle more effective than ever before. It is obvious that all our problems develop around the power of money. If we truly think that this Universal Basic Income idea is for the betterment of our society, we should look for a psychatric help or meet-up with likeminded citizens of ten in our communities and take on the challenge to make our representatives accountable to their constituents with common sense orientations and save capitalism for the many and not the few. This intiative could develop a peaceful future by restoring our constitutional rights what will guarantee us under the law peace and justice. I hate to say that we should become ignorant about media and government, who don't do enough to teach our children peacemaking and reduce violent reporting and stop quoting what most Americans want; Peace and Justice. Governments and Think Tanks running out of ideas, because through the Internet, even ignorant people start questioning our established status quo. With other words: common sense is not un-common. 


   Is leadership ignorant or works a blind strategy?

                             FOCUS ON LEADERSHIP

Since we started freeing ourselves from feudalism in the 18th century, it looked for a while that nothing better could  follow. A republic was born and democratic ways and means were on the way. Soon we found out that power does not give up easy and we developed many ...ism's, what got replaced by many party systems except one, capitalism. Today,  the world is divided into nations, of  them 193 belong to the United Nations.  We have  a so called   improved democratic party system with some options, coalition parties and enough obligarchy/dictatorial systems.  World wars created a power structure with the result of an east - west conflict. The winners of these wars continued a cold war what ended up in a global world order myth. Every participant had the welfare of their citizen in mind and promised  prosperity. The party system became a business partner, what in decades generated into a global business venture. The myth was gone. Wars were  mainly eliminated because the risk of useing atomic weapons scared even politicians. To keep lucrative incomes alive, an evil empire was converted to terrorism. Long forgotten is that it all started with terrorism against an empire. What did we achieve since then? We  still have the  status quo, rich and poor,  hard working and paid slaves, super technical advancements, with emphasis on consumerism, an entertainment englightenment and a patriot act. We are going through motions of re-electing people to ease our fear for worst to come and  we recognized through rhetoric, hypocricy and un-constitutional behavior of governments and media enterprises a flaw system. Many people think that this calls for new defying action such as demonstrations, revolutions or even terror and military implementations. The same what the human race done for too many centuries. We do have a Constitution , a Bill of Rights  and  Articles of Freedom. Now, at the end of my  precision sentence structure, I ask myself why can we live with balance and harmony? What is our problem?

If leadership has been decribed as a "process" of social influence in which a person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a "common task", then how can anybody justify our past. When leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen, then "We the People" must make a change in the polling booth and become "Be the People".

About Precision Sentence Structure!

We are taught to value ways of expressions that are direct rather than roundabout, that are precise rather than vague, and that we concise rather than wordy. This concern with conciseness reflects a culture whose concern is the "bottom line" and it is a response to the fact that we all are bombarded with too much information and too many demands on our time. The concern with precision reflects the need of readers to know exactlty what is meant by what they read. by Mary Westervelt


               Another "PeaceLeaks" Message

AGAIN, "PeaceLeaks" confirm that no individual or organization or even another party will change anything in our system or society unless "We the People" understand the election and due process. Look what happened to the last 100 generations. Forever we talk about fairness, justice, accoutability, limit terms, initiative and referendum, balanced budgets and everybody can find one more to add to this list.  We are all confused because no one has an answer, except more opinions. Here is a plan that could work because of  the hard learned lessons from the beginning of the 19th and 20th Century. Remember, time does not stand still for anybody and 10 years is only a long time for young people. After this,  10 years are quick behind us because of work ambition and family commitment. We hope to get honest information and can trust what takes place. In the final spurt, we realise that what is going on now brings only criticism of the past and fear of tomorrow. Frustration and apathy sets in. The gap in the market is filled with lobbyists who work for interest and the people are subordinate to rules and regulations. Because many people are better connected than others, unemployment and sickness is for many a tragic event, it is not easy to develop a comfortable lifestyle in a society character of power and money, propaganda and entertainment. Nevertheless, for thousand years, working people left their mark of hope  and created a civilisation that changed the world for a better place, except to find a way to live in peace with each other and enjoy equal rights. Today, we need a precision sentence structure and a moral compass to get the attention of all people, organizations and institution to respond to a unified world peace effort. Consensus and solidarity in the 21st Century is a must. Here is a solidarity plan that will work among all nations through the United Nations:

  1. Makes a committment to world peace and inquire about a free Community Peace Rally Seminar

  2. Citzen offer their help to the United Nations to work for  local and world peace.

  3. Support a Department of Peace Act  in every Nation.

  4. Formulate Question and let school kids and college students ask them local politicians.

  5. Celebrate with us a Citizen World Peace Day on 6.26.2026 to commemorate the end of wars.

  6. Elect the most qualified communicators (start with a Community Peace Sheriff) to work for peace at home and abroad through a C.O.M.Affiliate meet-up circle of world-wide communities.

  7. Let Initiatives and Referendums be the guidelines in politics,  industry and commerce and communicate with local politicians.

  8. Protect our environment, resources and cultural differences and walk for peace everywhere.

  9. Teach Esperanto as a second language in every country.

10. Vote and ask for world peace  and believe in a poliical self-cleaning process.

If people voice consensus on these 10 point in the next 10 years, we will make a world of difference.

Can anybody sum up the 2007-14 finance crisis in the United States and Europe? There has never been a war to end all wars, there has yet to be an economic theory that can end all serious instability and the regulators  have to be smarter than the regulated.

One thing some people learned out of this finance crisis: that Americans turn every major crisis into a morality tale in which the good guys and the bad guys are identified and praised or vilified accordingly. There's a political, journalistic, intellectual imperetive to find out who caused the crisis, who can be blamed, and who can be indicted in legal courts or the court of public opinions and, if found guilty, be jailed or publicly humbled. The great economic and financial crisis that began in 2007 has been no exception. It has stimulated an outpouring of books, articles, and studies that describe what happened:the making of the housing bubble, the explosion of complex mortgage-backed securities, the ethical and legal shortcuts used to justify dubious but profitable behavior. This extended inquest has produced a long list of possible villains: Greedy mortgage brokers and investment bankers, inept government regulators, naive economists, self-serving politicians. What it hasn't done is to explain why all this happened. Taken from The Wilson Quarterly "Rethinking the Great Recession by Robert J. Samuelson Reading this article gives one the best overview yet but it is not a pretty picture.


              FOCUS ON PEACE

                     Join our "Hands Around the Globe" effort


     Hands around a Peace Pole  -  I show you the way  -  www.good-stories.de

As an "International Messenger" I am well aware of the difficulties to present a Citizens World Peace Agreement to the United Nations, signed by 100 000 000 people around the world. At first glance most people everywhere look at new ideas negatively but later have second thoughts. For this reason public opinion must be heard now. Our forum would like to motivate the thought of a two level civilization instead a global civilization. One level should be a Citizen World Peace Agreement and the other the respect of cultural differences in a framework of common ethics. A international jury system, network of commerce, the United Nations and the intrastructure brought by technology should become the priority of all nations during the 21st century. Because of internet communication, economic globalization, a population increases of estimated 9.2 billion by 2050 we must start now to develop consensus for peace. Otherwise we continue with the agony of destruction and suffering around the world.

We should all do a little sole searching and confront our polititions with important questions about peaceful coexistence, human rights, economic well being and fair taxation. VOICE offers itself to be a worldwide clearing house with IQTask Cool Questions. Questions that stir a positive revolution and will bring a peaceful future to all people on earth . There is no need to change systems to solve 2000 years of problems. We don't need a world government or a new master plan for mankind, but should consider limit terms for elected officials, limit lobbying and have an independent judiciary with a good jury system. Important is that we change the ground rules with people's initiative and referendums. Let's take another look at the Costitution and show support. www.articlesoffreedom.us

First things first

Take up arms in a new revolution. "The handbook for the positive revolution" (Viking) is a practical handbook which lays out in details how every citizen can take part in a new-style revolution. Old style revolutions were based on attack in the hope that removal of the current regime would instantly make things better. The positive revolution is based on making things better through sustained constructive energy. How? The handbook lays it all out.

Dr. Edward de Bono is one of the most influential international thinkers today. He is one of the very few who have focused on creative and constructive thinking rather than analysis and blame. His recent book, "I am right and you are wrong" (Viking) was a direct attack on the debate tradition of western thinking.

How can we make a difference?

History speaks for itself. Everything is been changing all along and nothing will ever be the same. These facts should open our minds and make us say that "the good old times are only good for those people who don't have to live them any longer." This means, we have to face the fact that nothing ever will change until we understand what is going on today. Even then it will be difficulty to reform things. A better knowledge of today will pave the way for a better tomorrow. We have questions about good and bad, war and peace and life and death.

Communication between common people around the globe is relative new and needs everbodys attention. Language, education and travel are still not common. This means that the majority of people are still shackled to the status quo.

VOICE could break these shackles by starting a series of questions about the common good. This will change negativity into positive thinking. By asking questions it will give us a purpose to help people who need help and convince our government to listen what we have to say. In the last 200 years we organized lobbies, unions and parties. Now we have to organize for the common good. We want "Freedom from the status quo".

"Freedom of speech is a right to be fought for and not a blessing to be wished for. But it is more than that: it is a bridge of understanding and knowledge. It is the essential vehicle for that exchange of ideas between nations and cultures that is a condition for true understanding and lasting co-operation." Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General

"It is neccesary to change our understanding of the true purpose of what we are and what we do in the world." Vaclav Havel

"Today, we live in a world that is divided. A world in which we have made great progress and advances in science and technology. But it is also a world where millions of children die because they have no access to medicines. We live in a world where knowledge and information have made enormous strides, yet millions of children are not in school... It is a world of great promise and hope. It is also a world of despair, disease, and hunger... Nelson Mandela, Tromso, Norway 6/11/05

"Poverty is the worst form of violence". Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi also spoke about the seven social sins of humanity. 1. wealth without work 2. pleasure without conscience 3. knowledge without character 4. commerce without morality 5. science without humanity 6. worship without sacrifice 7. politics without principles

We are all natives of this planet

We are all ethnic groups constituting an indigenous population

    What is the greatest scandal on earth? $ 1,213,305,213,712 and countig?

The Great Peace Day is coming

We live at a turning point in human history. Ahead is a century of massive change. Either we learn to manage this change, or we allow it to control us and face devastating consequences. James Martin in his book "The meaning of the 21st Century" explains with clarity and precision the nature of the challenges we face from global warming to famine, religious extremism and solution for the future. Far from doom-mongering, this book is an extraordinarily optimistic and empowering argument for transition on a global scale: a ringing call to arms and a pragmatic blueprint for action. I cannot resist to make you aware of some passages of James Martin book because he says it the way it is. "A vital part of the meaning of the 21st century is that we must not push the Earth's control mechanisms beyond the zone in which they are self-regulating and stable. We have already gone too far in harming the climate, the wetlands, the soil, the oceans and numerous smaller-scale ecosystems, so a vital part of this century is to correct the damage. This will be increasingly difficult to do as the Earth's population grows, consumerism races across China and India, water runs short and the stresses of the canyon worsen.We live on a beautiful but totally isolated world. We won't find another world that can replace it. At the beginning of the 21st century, we are trashing this world, and we are gaining the power to destroy civilization. We have the intelligence to manage planet Earth well and, to a large extent, correct the damage we have done. We need to do so fairly quickly because the capability for destruction is growing fast. We need to make the planet work well with an excessive population.The melting pot is global. In the long run, this is good if we all treat one another with decency and peacefully. Eventually, we'll understand the ramifications of our statement "All people are one people", but today, globalism has massive flaws. We may be trashing part of the Earth's environment, but billions of the Earth's people are being trashed in an even worse way. While globalism is spectacularly increasing the wealth of the richest countries, the poorest can barely feed themselves. If we are to survive, we have to learn how to manage this situation. We need to put in place rules, protocols, methodologies, codes of behavior, culture facilities, means of governance, treaties and institutions of many types that will enable us to cooperate and thrive on planet Earth." VOICE is taking on this challenge and will do everything to avoid a setback. Our motto is: "Acta non verba" www.designbytes.com/peace1.html


                                       May Peace Prevail on Earth

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