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Young people are the pioneers of new ways, since they face many temptations it will not be easy to know what is best.

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COMING OUT of a C.O.M.A.(Community Occupy Movement Affiliate)

Another year and decade has gone bye and we are still saying: "May Peace Prevail on Earth". When do we start to analyse: "Why world peace is so difficulty to achieve?" For the benefit of all people, we must work on a peaceful breakthrough in people's mind. All our roots started in communities and in our communities we need to find answers to have world peace one day. Creating ...C.O.M.Affiliate (Community Occupy Movement Affiliate) Meet-up Circles, a new sense of community spirit can determine how people want to live with and for each other. Positive thoughts  and common sense will make a world of difference, if people become confidence builders and teach their children the skills of peacemaking. We have all the things we need and don't have  to re-invent the wheel to find out that the majority wants to prosper, create their own lifestyle and live in peace.


        Peace is in our Hands

Create a ...C.O.M.A. (Community Occupy Movement Affiliate) meet-up circle in your community. Inquiries will be be taken through occupypeace@icloud.com and answered by Peace Sheriff Klaus. Only citizens can awaken their communities out of a coma.

For the benefit of world peace, we need deeds and a change of mind about war and peace. The cost of military and national security, waste and corruption, political rhetoric and apathy puts us in shackles. If humanity wants to live with  balance and harmony, people have to voice consensus for world peace and answer themselves a difficult question: What if?

What if...a meteorite hits planet earth?  An atomic bomb is dropped by mistake?  Bacterial warfare destroys our natural resources? How many more Chernoble and Fukushima nuclear disasters can we cope with? The hegemony of power among nation's changes? The power of money is subdued by world peace and justice? Are "We the People" in a frame of mind and become "Be the People" to voice consensus for the common good? How many individuals, governments, institutions and organizations succeeded to make a world of difference? Is there a curse on humanity only to hope for better or did we learn from history to stop organized rhetoric and hypocrisy in the 21st Century? What if a Billionaire wins a election in the United States? 

We have a plan and hope that curiosity and motivation will give us your positive input. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of a Community Occupy Movement Affiliate Meet-up Circle. Let's get together and achieve harmony and balance by finding a way back to our local community and decide how we can live in peace and prosperity with less self-made problems. Human Rights, Initiative and Referendum, Peace and Justice Centers will help everybody everywhere. The law will never make men free; it is men that have to make the law free. Not too many people benefit from an individual opinion, but obviously we agree that everything about the common good and world peace, we only write about it and not take it to heart. This can change, if "We" make a personal commitment by signing a Citizen World Peace Agreement and support the only cause worth while fighting for: "World Peace". Nothing will change if we try to find answers in our established status quo. We chalk up no gains, if we do not take a chance with today's gift from haven: "The Internet". The opportunity to make the Internet a Global Institution for Peace and Justice is on hand in the next two decades, if common sense citizen start meet-up groups and talk to each other; we are not only creating an umbrella movement but improve something what is out of control for quiet a while. For common sense people our globe is spinning out of control while children in our technological advanced world need our help to develop their self-esteem. Only consensus  about peace & justice and concern about our children will improve people's Lifestyle everywhere.

Follow our progress of the COMAffiliates Berlin, Germany Meet-Up Circle; start and share your circle and celebrate with us the C.O.M.A. World Peace Day on 6.26.2026 world-wide. Our Community solidarity will make a world of difference, if we talk about it today. We meet-up for a Peace Walk every Saturday at High Noon at the 68 Tram Station Richtershorn at Berlin-Karolinenhof, Germany and talk about how to organize Community Common Sense. For more details send an E-Mail to occupypeace@icloud.com

Somebody once said that those things which are free or which come the easy way are not usually worth having. When we consider this and the fact that it is human nature to pursue the line of least resisitance, we must constantly evaluate our goals in terms of thought, action, and values. Life requires that we do our share in the building process that is constantly going on in our Nation. Reading of Inspiration by Thomas Battista

                    Lächelnne Spirit, Lächelnne World, Lächelnne Humankind.

The world population reaches seven billion; who is one in a million to represent his or her community to talk about world peace? Look it this way. We came to a crossroad and have to decide what direction to take. People want Liberty, Equality and Fraternity and believe in the power of Internet. Is  this the path to world peace or do we continue  on the old worn out road?


                                         Brown color shows population density

           Who is "One in a Million" to represent his or her country for world peace
What the world needs today is solidarity about fairness and peaceful ways & means in every community and for this we require applicants for local Peace Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs, Peace Ambassadors and Messengers.

Peace Sheriffs, with the help of Deputy Sheriffs is to maintain an overview, motivate his fellow citizen and seek participants to organize meet-up group meetings in their community, Peace Diplomats to communicate to elected local, county and federal officials to make them aware of our presence and Peace Messengers to spread the word in a precision sentence structure (explain our position in a simple, shortest way possible) to all relatives, friends and circles of acquaintances. Our goal is to show results by a Citizen World Peace Day on 6.26.2026, (81st Anniversary of the United Nations) when we present to the Secretary-General a Citizen World Peace Agreement Petition, "I Want World Peace" with an offering to help the U.N. achieve World Peace and Justice and an all Nation gift of a Peace Quilt, created by its signers. The United Nations will become for us a global clearing house and educational institutions will teach the skills of peacemaking and  help us establish ways and means for students to think and communicate world peace. Governments will establish by then a Dept. of Peace. Brian Melton summarizes with these words: "Peace in the world will only take place when children are taught to act cooperative with each other. All beings must choose moment to moment to act with compassion and kindness towards each other. That is the key to acctually manifesting peace in the world".

We count on you to give this C.O.M.A. Community Occupy Movement Affiliate some thought, because at heart we know that most people want three things in life; a job they can live off, a little fun for mind and body and to live in peace with their children and grandchildren. The economy isn't a natural phenomenon; it is a tool of distribution, what divided people into a class system of rich, so called middle class and poor. People of all classes do know that they are sitting (illogical speaking) in the same boat down the river and will end up in a fast and furious ride, if... Regardless what everybody believes; time does not stand still for anybody. We at least proposed a plan and goal to bring people together;  We believe that only through solidarity, the world will have peace one day. Our aim is not to complicate things, rather be a helping hand to our elected leadership.

23 Representatives from North and Middle America 

Antigua and Barbuda - Bahamas - Barbados - Belize - Canada - Costa Rica - Cuba - Dominica - El Salvador - Grenada - Guatemala - Haiti - Honduras - Jamaica - Mexico - Nicaragua - Panama - Dominican Republic - Saint Kitts and Nevis - Saint Lucia - Saint Vincent and Grenadinas - Trinidad and Tobago - United States of America 23

My C.O.M.A. appeal to all Peace Organization in the United States and Canada to show a sign of peace and participate in the 21st Century Occupy Peace Plan, once and for all to make an attempt to show solidarity about world peace.

Who is sovereign in the United States? Is it the people themselves, or is it an elite determined to rule citizens who are seen as incapable of making choices about their own lives? David Kopel explains the truth about gun control. The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is under siege and not for the first time. What is ultimately at stake is the same question that precipitated the American Revolution: whether the American people are the sovereigns in their own country or whether they should be ruled from above, for their own good, according to the supposedly benevolent commands of their elitist rulers of a top-down, European-style society. Taken from David B. Kopel, Encounter No. 32 Broadside.

A fair trial in the USA, Being charged in a criminal complaint with two violations of the Espionage act involving unauthorized communication of classified information and a charge of theft of government property. Those three charges carry prision sentences of 10 years each, and when the case is presented to the grand jury for indictment, the government is virtually certain to add more charges, probably adding up to a life sentence. One more issue to discuss in a C.O.M.A. - Community Occupy Movement Affiliate Meet-up Circle. 




12  Representatives of South America ( 12 Peace Sheriffs, 24 Peace Ambassadors and 48  Peace Messengers is our goal  for 2013 )

Argentina - Bolivia - Brazil - Chile - Colombia - Ecuador - Guyana - Paraguay - Peru - Suriname - Uruguay - Venezuela 12


Andorra - Belarus - Belgium - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Bulgaria - Czech Republic - Vatican City - Montenegro - Denmark - Germany - Estonia - Ireland - Greece - Spain - France - Croatia - Iceland - Italy - Cyprus - Latvia - Luxembourg - Hungury - Macedonia -  Malta - Moldova - Monaco - Netherlands - Norway - Austia - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Russia - San Marino - Slovenia - Slovakia - Serbia - Switzerland - Finland - Sweden - Ukraine - Albania - Kosovo -Lichtenstein - Turkey -  Lithuania - Russia - Great Britain 48

A C.O.M.A. appeal to all world citizen. People in the Ukraine need our support. It is cold to demonstrate in the winter for freedom and self-determination. But if they can keep it up and start a C.O.M.A. meet-up circle in their country, they will break the status quo and make a world of difference.

 48 Representatives from Europe 

Algeria - Morocco - Egypt - Angola - Sudan - Benin - Botswana - Bukina Faso - Burundi - Cap Verde - Cameroon - Comores - Congo Republic - Cote D'Ivoire - Djibouti - Eritrea - Gabon - Gambia - Ghana - Guinea-Bissau - Guinea/Equatorial - Guinea - Ethiopia - Kenya - Lesotho - Liberia - Libya - Madagascar - Malawi - Mali - Maurititius - Mauritania - Mozambique - Namibia - Niger - Nigeria - Central African Republic - Rwanda - Sao Tome and Principe - Senegal - Saychelles - Sierra Leone - Somalia - South Africa - Swaziland - Tanzania - Chad - Togo - Tunesia - Uganda - Zambia -Western Sahara - Zimbabwe 53

A C.O.M.A. appeal to all world citizen! People of Somalia need our help.

Piracy off Africas's Somalia national shoreline over the past decade has seen hundreds of ships hijacked and up to 1,000 seafarers taken hostage and up to $ 250 million ransome were paid, including international counter-piracy measures, has been estimated at up to $ 12 billion for 2010. $ 12 billion to prevent piracy instead to support a Somalia Democratic Republic as a member of the United Nations with a starting capital. Now the west plans a hi-tech crackdown on pirate gangs what is for long organized crime. According to the CIA and Central Bank of Somalia, despite experiencing civil unrest, Somalia has maintained a healty informal economy, but 43% of the population  live still on $ 1 a day. I guess Somalia will come into it's own when the west decides to go after the untapped, unexploited natural reserves. So much for humanitarian concern from the rest of world. One more reason for world citizen to take over peacefully with a world-wide citizen petition and C.O.M.A. Meet-Up Circle.

 53 Representatives from Africa 

Afghanistan - Bahrain - Kuwait - Lebanon - Saudi Arabia - Yemen - Armenia - Azerbaijan - Bangladash - Bhutan - Brunei - North Korea - United Arab Emirates -Georgia - India - Indonesia - Iran - Iraq - Cambodia - Kazakhstan - Kyrgystan - Laos - Malaysia - Maldives - Mongolia - Thailand - Myanmar - Nepal -Japan -Pakistan - Philippines - Qatar - Oman - Singapore - Sri Lanka - Syria - Tajikistan - South Korea - Taiwan - East Timor - Turkey - Turkmenistan - Jordan - Uzebekistan - Vietnam - Israel - China - Russia 47

A C.O.M.A. appeal to all world citizen ! People of Bangladesh need our help.

Based on UNISEF information 68 million children live below in the upper poverty line and one-quarter live in extreme poverty. USAID has provided over $ 5.7 billion to Bangladesh in develoment assistance. It is a place were with cheap labor the garment and packaging industry exports $ 3 billion worth of goods last year and underaged children work shameful in ship breaking graveyards such as Chittagong and thirty other places, because their laws on dealing with lead paint, asbestos and general worker's conditition fail far short of other industrial nations. What a contradiction? The UN try to makes us believe that the UNISEF-supported Protection of Children at Risk Project, which protects children living on the street from abuse, exploitation, violence and provide children with food, a place to sleep, medical care, psycho-social support, education, vocational and life-skill training, is a way out? How long should this abuse go on? Is there light at the end of the tunnel? So much for humanitarian concern from the rest of the world. One more reason for world citizen to take over peacefully with a world-wide citizen petition and  C.O.M.A. Meet-Up Circle.

A C.O.M.A, apeal to all world citizen! People of Japan need our help.

Atom power is like a financial crisis: Profit for less, risk for everybody. - Our median confronts communities today with a new reality of information about the failures of technological and political developments. Being the conscience of our environment with its beauty and natural disasters, we know now that from Hiroshima, Chernobyl to Fukushima and other close encounters, the Atom for Peace program of the 1950's was a failure of scientifific and political behavior in the Cold War mania. While governments and business interest is telling the general public for decades how safe atomic energy can be produced, they created a world risk society. There is nothing normal about a contaminated community. Just like money, radioactivity does not stink. What stinks is the irresponsibility that with so many energy alternatives science would take such a risk of future radioactive suffering. There are no quick answers to understand motives and why the State continues to harm our existence. We talk about democracy and demonstrate against the failures of our system. Who is listening? How many more communities have to be evacuated and become victim of this invisible disease?

You have a clue? Join or start a local C.O.M.A. - Community Occupy Movement Affiliate Meet-up Circle and talk about what chances communities world-wide have to make a world of difference. 



 A C.O.M.A. appeal to all world citizen! People of India need our help.

 All the problems in the world should not make us forget to have some compassion for each other. Punita Devi in Karmalahang, India braced herself for the worst. Her husbands crime punishes Ms. Devi, who is in her 20s, and her son faces ostracism and destitution - not because she is married to a convicted murderer, but because she is a women without a husband. If as a widow, her honor is lost forever, the public needs to respond to these customs of purdah practiced in her community. I hope that the Wall Street Journal who reveals in an article and book "Crime against Women", the struggle facing women in India will help Ms. Devi in her struggle. If the WSJ India explored the horrendous crime and others that explore the experience of Indian women in the 21st century, we need to talk about moral obligation. This only can happen if people in their community come together and talk to each other. This is what C.O.M.A. Community Occupy Movement Affiliate is all about. If governments cannot do it for their citizens, common sense citizens have to do it for themselves. One more reason for world citizen to take over peacefully with a world-wide citizen petition and C.O.M.A. Meet-Up Circle.

 47 Representatives from Asia 

Australia - Fiji - Kiribati - Marshall Islands - Micronesia - Nauru - New Zealand - Palau - Papua New Guinea - Samoa - Solomon Islands - Tonga - Tuvalu - Vanuatu 14

14 Representatives from Australia and Oceanic Nations 

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