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Young people are the pioneers of new ways, since they face many temptations it will not be easy to know what is best.

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                          2018 COMA ACTA NON VERBA

6.26.2018 is the beginning of changes never visioned since 1812 and won't happen again in decades. The USA has a Billionaire President and 3142 U.S. Communities organizing common sense to make their local  elected representatives  accountable to them will be in the next eight years making the headlines. Check out Facebook.com/wewuwei to keep in touch. 

The Power of Money (PoM) is at the height of it's goal. Electorial votes elected Donald Trump. He is ready to maintain the interest of humanity's elite, who does not work in behalf of the common good and world peace one day. The next directive of the PoM are the end of war and free energy. To achieve this most suspect that a depopulation event will occur. However, the elite is strictly about control. The plan is already deeply rooted and in place, and there is nothing we can do about it. The fact is that the money is printed at will and conjured out of thin air as needed, but the elite and the people who make the laws to do so get to decide who gets to benefit from this free money. Join us to organize common sense and get a CPR Seminar from occupypeace@icloud.com to organize Community Common Sense with meet-up circles and talk about how we put a stop to it, before it is too late. We want to save capitalism for the many not the few.

            International Peace Bureau IPB.org

The International Peace Bureau is dedicated to the vision of a world without war. We support this effort a 100% and will not stop until we accomplish deeds. For this we need your help. The schizophrenia between what we profess and what we actually embrace has rendered us so far incapable of confronting reality.

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Wars and confrontations that have erupted since the 19th century and still threaten peace today have come about from attempts by economic, political, and social systems to impose their ideologies on world events. 

Research gave the proof that the 2nd American Independence War of 1812 is holding the key of today´s power and money problems. We call it the 1812 Historic Trail Puzzle. To place the  last piece of the puzzle will be the beginning of a new era for humanity at the 21st Century. WeWuWei.

Now it is our turn...  If our political leadership does not address itself to be accountable to its citizens and forthright tell them how and when we can expect world peace; C.O.M.A. Community Occupy Movement Affiliated Meet-up Circles will set in motion unpretentious talks about the effectiveness of our leadership.

Stay tune, there will be no  media interviews, only word of mouth communication and formulated questions for our representatives; ask by their voting constituents. Call it reversed psychology, but the uncertainty of not knowing what "Be the People" talking about and act on will set new standards. Be part to place the last piece of our peace puzzle and participate awakening our communities. 

           Is it time to work towards a global culure of peace?

                           Is War Part of Human Nature?

Of course not. But where are we going from here? I always wanted to write a book about our human dilemma with a positive ending. - And here it is: "The world financial crisis is over. Business and politics learned their lesson and decided to work together. Taxpayer pay fair taxes and the United Nations successfully achieve peace on earth and democratic decisions contribute to the common good. Balance and harmony overcame us and peaceful ways and means rule everywhere. People have work, have an income they can live from and communicate through an artificial language such as esperanto because every school system in the world accepted it as a second lanuage, visit each other and everybody helps to protect the environment." - The shortest book in human history. I call this a precision sentence structure. A dream? Martin Luther King Jr. said: "I have a dream", and something happened. Mahatma Gandhi walked through India, and something happened. Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet "common sense", and something happened. Martin Luther made a proclamation, and something happened. A principal of the Nelson Mandela University was "Each one - teach one", and something happened. As further we go back less happened for the common good. Many people were always committed to peace and progress. May be it was their action and suffering for the common good what brought us today to the crossroad of understanding, that the twenty-first century must be a turning point. Everybody should know by now that nobody can justify all the suffering around the world for centuries. Review only the last 1000 years and many of us will agree, that the good old times are only good for people, who don't have to live them any longer. Many will still remember a plan of a 1000 year empire in the heart of Europe and read about the 400 year Roman Empire, and something happened. Christianity became a symbol and hope for a better future, but the power of the church, the inquisition and conflict of the religion in the aftermath of the Reformation between the Catholic terrorized people for thirty years. Millions gave their live and died on hunger and diseases. At the end there were more looser than winner. Colonialism enslaved people almost on every continent. Again you had more looser than winner. I don't hear - I don't see - I don't say - has been following human nature forever. The Magna Charta was a compromise between Monarchy and Merchants and the Independence of America was the beginning of freedom from feudalism. Again you had more looser than winner. While the end of the 18th and start of the 19th Century gave birth to the Industrial Revolution, what emphasiized a change to capitalism, an economic system characterized by private and corporate ownership of capital assets and goods what started the decline of monarchism. The European elite took advantage of the American experience after the War of 1812 against Britain and made the new United States of America their home port far away from the Napoleon conflict and called themselves capitalist, a reformation which sanctioned hard work and frugality. The French Revolution in 1887 did not achieve the wanted results of self-determination, rather a autocratic system what again cost millions of people their lives. The United States of America became the country of European immigrants. A land of opportunity with a better living standard ended up with a Civil War. (1861-1865) Again you had more looser than winner. The justification to eliminate slavery was overshadowed by the enslavement of the Native Americans, who were placed on reservations. The Industrial Revolution was already in full swing and the last confrontation between Monarchy and a Constitutional Republic ended up in World War I. The result was more looser than winner. Technology demanded educated people and new rules to continue. For the first time ideological Ideas roamed the globe. America, a Constitutional Republic, a two party system was born. In Europe a range of political affiliation of socialism, facism, nationalism, communism and others trying to solve their problems for decades. Most decisions now were based on self-serving arguments and nationalistic feelings. Colonialism was the power to expand for land and resources. War always called for tribute and scarcity. The burden was always carried by common people. The establishment of the United Nations was defeated in the American Congress and the country progressed into isolation. Technical innovations set new trends world wide. Communication resulted in a propaganda machine of new dimension. New forces were at work and again as so many times before divided common people and conquered their mind, what resulted of course in World War II. Now the world had even more looser than winner. Nationalism was reduced and capitalism in disguise of democracy found in communism a new partner for the next 40 years, what we called the cold war. Fear of nuclear destruction paralyzed the rest of the world, kept them isolated and dictatorial means were allowed under the patronage of the major powers. We felt relief when colonialism and communism came to an end in the twentiest Century. The League of Nation was formed and for a short time many people thought that world peace is around the corner. A communication language like Esperanto was mentioned after World War I, to be the official language of the world. Communication could have saved millions of people their lives by not having World War II. After the Charter of the United Nations and Statute of the International Court of Justice was signed on 6.26.1945, The United States of America became a super world power with their military bases around the world and control of all oceans. English became the International business language and money interest added fuel to new conflicts. Technology escalated faster than ever before. Weapons of destruction became one of  big business. All of the sudden we had more hot spots around the globe and the media could not keep up reporting of them. A time table was established. China Revolution 1945-49; Vietnam 1946-54; Greece 1947-49; India-Pakistan/Kashmir 1947; Malaysia 1948-58; Israel-Arab States 1948-49; Indonesia-Netherland 1949; Taiwan-China 1949-65 Korea 1950-1953; Tibet 1953; East Germany 1953-1989; Iran 1953; Vietnam 1954-74; Guatemala 1954; Algeria 1954-63; Hungary 1956;Egypt-Suez 1956; Cyprus 1956-60; Laos 1960-65; Cuba 1960;  Goa 1962; India-China 1962;  Yemen 1962; Congo 1962; Malayia -Indonesia 1963-65; Cyprus 1964; Dominican Republic 1965; India-Pakistan 1965; Israel 1967-82; Czechoslovakia 1968; Chad 1968 -83; Nigeria 1968; India - Pakistan 1971; Chile 1973; Middle East 1973; Angola 1976; Afghanistan 1979-88; Iran 1979; Iraq - Iran 1980-82; Falkland Island 1982; Nicaragua 1983; Granada 1983; South Africa 1985-94; Libya 1986; Kuwait 1987; Panama 1990; Yugoslavia 1991; First Gulf War 1991; Afghanistan 1991-2011; In Afghanistan, the last battle of the Cold War, the Soviet imperial thrust was broken. American will and weapons, Saudi money, a Pakistani sanctuary and a ragfag army of volunteers from the wider world of Islam broke the Soviet will. We thought well of them volunteers then, they were freedom fighters, the Mujahideen. Why we are now in Afghanistan is anybody  guess? What could not be solved with diplomacy? Did we overreacted and riding now into a storm of our own making. Somalia 1992; Rwanda 1994; Haiti 1994; Chechnya 1994; Terror attack 9/11,2001; Second Gulf War Iraq 2002; Darfur, Sudan 2003-07; Operation Iraq 2003; Kongo 2008; Georgian 2008; Middle East 2009; Zimbabwe 2009; Niger 2010; Tunesia 2011; Eygpt 2011; Lybia 2011; Syria. 2012-2016, Ukraine 2013-2016, 2015-2016 Refugee crisis. 2006-2017 World-Wide C.O.M.Affiliate meet-up circles developed to make a world of difference. The election of the 45th President of the United States of America is now the plan  of the P.o.M. to stabilize the Status Quo for the future. Barack Obama did receive a Peace Nobel Price of 2009. After one year the "Audacity of Hope" is gone. Can one person put a stop to further conflicts? Citizens have to offer their help with a petition to the United Nations and put an end to a 5 Nation veto right. We must recognize that institutions only continue mediocrity without the voice of common sense people. This is the reason why we need COMA meet-up circles in our communities and talk to each other. Never in the past, citizens organized for the common good and offered their help to achieve world peace. What the world needs now is our presents. Help me to get  Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg together to support our effort to awaken Communities out of a coma. Write them  and tell them that we will work through Facebook  to make a difference. 2017 Trumpology.


         Is homeland security the only direction in a world with so many hotspots?

The phenomenon of war as a continuing activity within human society is one we take very much for granted. The alteration of war and peace has been going on for too long. Alone In the last 60 years, it looks that it was a normal way of conducting disputes between political groups. Was Prussian strategist Carl von Clausewitz of the nineteen Century right when he said; that war was the extension of politics "by other means"? In other words, we must understand the cause of wars before peace will prevail on earth.

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It is time to give all children the right to live in a peaceful world

The teachings of Krishnamurti www.kfa.org bring us one step closer to understand our problem. His book "The Flame of Attention" speaks to every person on earth and gives truly the right direction to make a difference in our society. Check into the possibility to come out of the dark into a peaceful environment. Let me tempt and nudge you in order to win you over to become a world citizen, even if it in spirit only. WE must remind each other that the first step is our own. Be one in a million who kindles his own flame of attention. 

The Theo Fischer book: "WUWEI Die Lebenskunst des Taos" should be translated into English and on everybodies book shelf. Es gibt ein Lernen, das uns verstehen lässt, was wir sind. Aus diesem Verständnis ensteht eine völlig neue Art des Handelns: WUWEI.

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