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Young people are the pioneers of new ways, since they face many temptations it will not be easy to know what is best.

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Be part of a "World Citizen Peace  Quilt", what we button together in Ireland to a size the world has never seen. 
                    Why a World Peace Quilt?
    The manner in which we react to violence defines us as individuals, community's and nations
The word quilt is derived from the latin culcita. Pieced together with several pieces of cloth, quilting was often a community activity. We want to re-capture a community togetherness in a world of fear and misunderstanding.
There are many traditions regarding the design and characteristics of quilts. Quilt shows and competitions are held locally, regional and national.
The idea of a World Peace Quilt was conceived in Inistioge, Ireland to express peace and harmony. The history of Ireland is prevalent of most countries in the United Nations. Freedom, self-determination and justice is on their mind and with world peace people of all nations will benefit from each other.
Finding back to a community spirit, a quilt project could bring us together and reflect true feelings of  peaceful ways and means. 
         " Harmony and Peace at Home ", I show a sign of Peace.
This theme will express individuals or quilt groups feelings and inspiration for world peace. A cotton fabric personal creative patchwork design of 2 feet (61 cm) square inclusive a 2 inch (5 cm) seam allowance around, should include  first name  of creator, date of year, town and country; it should be mailed to Colette Jackson, Ballyduff Cross, THOMASTOWN, Co Kilkenny,  IRELAND. Mrs. Jackson will button all the Peace patches together  and we are grateful for her work for peaceful coexistance. It will be on display in Ireland until the Great Citizen World Peace Day on 6.26.2026 (26.6.2026) and after presented to the Secretary-General of the United Nations with a "I want Peace on Earth" Petition to ask the General Assembly to discuss a resolution to accept all signatures to be a voice of the United Nations and Messengers for world peace.This is a serious attempt to get millions of printed signatures of all nations, of all faiths and creeds, all races to sign this Peace Agreement right here on this page. If "We the People" say "NO TO WAR " there will be peace.  
Our Peace Quilt Millennium Resolution will be at the center (4 foot square -22cm) with a Peace symbol saying the following: "Let there be respect for our home earth; peace for its people; love in our lifes; delight in the good; forgiveness of the past wrongs; and from now on grow." Other 4 foot square pieces with each continent and peace messages will be added.
          Let's Quilt for Peace !
Not to live in peace and harmony on earth is most frustrating in once lifetime. But common sense people everywhere are waking up and start using their mind and body to be creative. To get people's attention, we need to do something big. Big enough to get into the Guinness  Book of World Record. So far there is 0 Result for the "Biggest Peace Quilt" The best thing about a world record holder is that one day people will be proud of what we achieved, "World Peace". For lack of world peace experiences, we are not rushing into  anything and giving people of all countries 13 years to  send their Quilt pieces to Ireland.
People's fascination about quilting and it's talented creators is a super idea to get an all "People Quilt" together. Living in peace with its neighbor should be humanity's greatest goal and  for this reason needs the attention of every individual living on this planet. In the mean time may peace prevail on earth.
 WE give peace a face and a voice - people of all continents come together to sign a World Peace Petition
...positive peace attitude, in a time most people lost faith that this ever can happen during their lifetime. If you and five percent of the population voice-consensus.com for a common sense society assessment, people will gain or re-gain the lost confidence of the making of a fair and square world. What matters is talking to each other and explaining things in a precision sentence structure. In short; In a way everybody can understand and communicates will bring progress and deeds. 

   World-Wide Peace Petition

Citizen World Peace Agreement

click for "I Want Peace on Earth"

"A Citizen World Peace Agreement" is neutral of any political, religious and economic influence. This Petition can freely be signed by everyone.         (Children - Students - Adults - Seniors) 

On 6.26.2026 "The Great Peace Day", "I want Peace on Earth" Petition will be presented to the Secretary - General of the United Nations. The General Assembly may discuss a resolution to accept all signatures to be a voice of the United Nations and messengers for world peace.  All signers are in  support of the "Hands Around the Globe" effort by VOICE and are aware of this website www.voice-consensus.com.  To  "Ask for 10"  more petition signatures is a peace commitment and love for humanity. Tens of millions of people of all nations, of all faiths and creeds, all races should sign this Peace Agreement. If  "We the People" say "NO TO WAR", there will be peace.


                     Care 2 "I Want Peace on Earth" Petition


                       Goal is 100 Million signatures worldwide


                    Ban Ki-moon - Secretary-General of the United Nations and Luci

         Send e-mails about peace issues and petition to


 Why is war a crime, if we have to protect our country from terroris

The book "War is a Lie" tells you how lies are  being distribuate.

Get ready to read the "Nuclear Express" and you get the whole picture.

Why don't senior citizen come forward and stand up against war for the sake of their grandchildren?

For over ten years are Grandmothers against the war active throughout the United States. Check it out and start in your community a Peace Walk and support of a National Dept. of Peace or participate to create a world peace quilt. We can help you to get started. I do recommend to read the book "Grandmothers against the war" by Joan Wile.

How can my signature be important on a "I want Peace" petition?

If we can get in 13 years over 100 000 000 signatures around the world, you are part of historic event in human history, because never before people offered their help to the United Nations to keep peace on earth. It could end up in a peaceful take over of the only organization established, to force world peace on every nation. A dream? With you a reality.

How can we reclaim our nation and live by our founding values?

Read "Real Common Sense" written by Brian Kahn and talk about it to your relatives and friends. When your Citizenship is revitalized write your Congressman and a letter to the editor to voice your opinions.

                  To make a difference we need to communicate with each other


                                     There is no way to peace - peace is the way


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