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       Autobiography of a peace and constitutional republic activist
 Life is short. Cut out negativity, forget gossip, say goodbye to people who hurt you. Spend your days with the people who are always there for you and have positive conversations with your relatives, friends and aquiantence. Positive thinking will in hence your lifestyle. 
I, Klaus-Jürgen Erich Todte was born on October 14, 1939 as a son of a merchant and homemaker in Szczecin, formerly Germany. During the year of 1940 my parents, my sister born February 24, 1936 and myself moved to Berlin were we lost 1943 our home in an air raid. A hasty departure from Baruth near Berlin in 1945 from the advancing Russian army brought us to Reit im Winkl/ Salzgitter in the Bavarian Alps in search for my father. There we lived until the end of world war two. After my parents separated I returned to Berlin and lived with my mother until the Russian blockade in 1947, from were all children were evacuated from Berlin. I was send to my grandparents in Dresden/Saxon East Germany and started my schooling until the 5th grade. After the death of my father I returned 1951 to my mother in West Berlin. Continuing with the sixth grade I advanced 1952 to a technical high school. 1953 I joined the boys scouts and played soccer in the junior league. After graduating in 1956 I studied four semester of graphic art and interior design through an art school correspondence course. To finance these two years I sold magazine subscriptions in West Germany until 1958. I enjoyed selling and talking to people. Back in Berlin I took a job as a Ford junior car salesman. Impressed by American culture and a visit of my sister who lives since 1954 in the United States, I took 1958 employment at the Berlin Hilton Hotel as a soda fountain operator with the thought to go to America. June 15, 1959 I immigrated to Canada and started in Montreal as a busboy in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. April 2, 1960 with the help of my sister who lived in Connecticut, I came to the United States of America and started April 26, 1960 in the Savoy Hilton Hotel, New York as a breakfast waiter. I met my wife Edelgard born June 11, 1934 in former Prussia/Germany. We got engaged on my 21st birthday and married January 29, 1961 in Hartford, Connecticut were I worked as a waiter in the Hartford Statler Hilton Hotel. To improve my financial situation I took October 9, 1961 a second full time job as a display man at Sears & Roebuck in West Hartford. November 13, 1961 our first son Richard was born. We moved June 20, 1962 from Edward Street in Hartford to Lovely Street in Avon. Our second son Robert was born March 14, 1964. Working two jobs until Sears promoted me 1965 to a display sales manager in Manchester. We moved to Gaylord Road in Windsor Locks and from there 1969 to Route 85 in Hebron. Christmas 1969 my family and I went to meet my wife's parents and for my wife and sons to meet my mother and grandfather in West and East Germany. January 1970 Sears transferred me to Waterbury and 1975 back to West Hartford. Living in the Town of Hebron I involved myself in various community activities. Cub scouts, baseball coach and commissioner of little league. treasurer of the bicentennial commission, pony league team coach and first tricentennial commission chairman of Hebron. 1973 I was selected to join the Sears management in action program to learn more about managerial skills. We belonged to the Concordia Lutheran church in Manchester, were I organized a hiking program for it's members, raised our sons to respect each other and helped them to develop responsibility to the world around them. 1976 we celebrated the 200th anniversary of the independence of the United States of America. I received through the state bicentennial commission the 20th century pilgrim award from the governor of Connecticut to recognize the contributions to America by her foreign born citizens. My interest in books made me organize for the Douglas Library in Hebron a monthly country of the month travel program to raise money for new books. Also I was very interested in world affairs and started 1978 the preliminaries of an international VOICE (Vision Of Idealistic Citizens Everywhere) correspondence organization and operated a small print shop with my son. Management changes at Sears made me realize that the opportunities to advance were fading and started to follow a life long dream of being independent. February 14, 1983 we purchased the Ark Lodge in the Adirondacks/Upstate New York. For two years I remodeled the lodge and then took an early retirement from Sears in 1985. Besides joining the high peaks Kiwanis club, I coached a local high school soccer team and took them to the New York State quarter final championship. 1987 the year of the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution I ran as an independent candidate for supervisor in the Town of Jay with the idea to introduce non-political town management. After a loosing experience I revived the local chamber of commerce and the ausable valley taxpayers association. My interest in the U.S. Constitution grew and I commited myself to learn more about it and to communicate my knowledge to concerned citizens and students. My travels through Europe in 1986 and 1987 took me back to East Germany and I learned the importance of the U.S. Constitution. I started to believe that humanity's fundamental rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness can be saved only by the effort of citizens who speak for them. There voice was heard when the Berlin wall in Germany fell. A trip through all contiguous states in 1989 gave me the inside of American life and a feeling of people's understanding of the Constitution. I changed the name of the Lodge to the Ark-Constitution Trail Inn to make our guests aware of the most important document in the history of mankind. Three times I try to get elected, one time as a candidate for the Republican Party, the second time for the Conservative Party as a town supervisor and one more as a independent candidate for a Representative to Congress. All my life I listen to the advise of others who told me that when I want to change something, I have to get involved and commit myself to run for office. Writing letters to the editor of newspapers, talking to citizens in the community and going to town, county and state board meetings, I quickly recognized how systems works. It did not take long and the press called me a "Gadfly" because I been checking into things and asked too many questions. Most of the time decision are made on party line behind closed doors and the media seldom forces the issue in a precision sentence structure. Based on this I started to develop a New York taxpayers education network and traveled throughout the 62 counties of New York State to mobilize taxpayers for initiative and referendum. With some success. We lobbied effectively against a 1.9 Billion Dollar bond issue in 1990, a proposal for initiative and referendum and took with the all county taxpayers association (ACTA) state government many times to court. Not enough to make a dent. Lobbyism, money and political arrogance was no match for us. While we have to use our own money to fight the status quo, government fights us back with our tax dollars. It is only a matter of time until we have a taxpayers revolution. In the mean time we have to educate ourselves and communicate with each other to get ready for this day. The early 1990's developed a great unrest among citizens. A retired man in Florida took out a full page ad in major newspapers around the country with the header "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" Throw the hypocritical rascals out! It had an impact at the 1992 presidential election when Ross Perot received 19% of the votes as an independent candidate. A small shockwave went through the country and all was forgotten. What happened ever since?
For 20 years we fought for the moment when the electoral votes would out way the popular. When it finally happened in the 2000 election, nothing came off it. We had a president who did not get elected by a majority or electoral vote. In the mean time small business are struggling to stay alive. Big business set the scene with mergers, layoffs and one corruption scandal after another. When I was looking for another job, my life experiences became my handicap. I was already to old. After 47 years, my half sister who was born November 22, 1946, adopted 1947 and grew up in Berlin, East Germany found me after our mother had died in 1992. Because of not enough motel business I went back to Berlin and helped my sister to overcome the tragic death of her husband in 1993. I was lucky to find a job there and kept the motel viable. For 22 years I been traveling back and fourth across the Atlantic and got a good overview of the United States and the European Union. A world apart but two economic powers. As I traveled with my sister to the track and field senior European and world championships in Europe, Africa, Australia and America, I recognized that taxpayers have not very much to say, except in the United States, if citizens embrace their Constitution and stand up for it. Voters apathy, 9/11 and the war in the Middle East thorn America apart. Hypocrisy became the rule rather than the exception. I am happy to say that my trip with my sister through USA's forty-eight states for almost a year in 2004/5 was a personal success. We did not only see the great diversity of this country but met many likeminded people who gave me hope that common sense is not yet un-common. My idea to teach the Constitution as a life preparing curriculum in schools was received well but still needs a commitment of many citizen who believe in freedom and justice for all. 2006 I rejuvenate VOICE  Communication organization and created 2006 this website www.voice-consensus.com. A peaceful "Hands Around the Globe" effort should change the life of the passive majority forever. A three month "May Peace Prevail on Earth" trip through the Eastern United States in 2009 was a preliminary test to get the feel of people's reaction. In Maine I developed a World Peace Petition in the internet. This encouragement strenghten my will to spend the next 15 years on the most important issue of our time "Peace on Earth". 2011, I traveled through all 50 States to make people aware of a Department of Peace Legislation Bill H.R. 808. I also distribuate "PeaceLeaks", walk for Peace and made contact with peace organizations, libraries and schools to ask students for their support for the Won't you join us" peace effort because: " Peace requires activism, education, conversation and example. It does not come by hope alone. The agonies of war and human suffering is in the hands of us, if we can voice consensus for world peace and restore the U.S.Constitution for peaceful leadership." 2012 I took another trip from Fort Kent in Maine to Key West in Florida, strictly on Route US 1.
A dream came true. As a world war two survivor, it took me fourty years of curiosity, motivation and studies to understand the wrongs of the past. Working for a living, raising a family and feeling a responsibility for civic involvement does not leave much time to get an overview of the happenings around the world without becoming single minded. My dream to summarize the bad and thrive for the common good with world peace in the near future, became only a reality since the beginning of Internet. As a 20th Century Pilgrim, living in a Constitutional Republic, I pledged that the best way to protect the U.S. Constitution is to understand it and the best way to honor it, to learn more about it. Unfortunately our government is not any longer in the position to guarantee a better lifestyle, insure justice and domestic tranquility, provide for common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and posterity. If truth is the equation of things and intellect, I try to awaken people around the globe to take a personal stand on world peace. When world peace is the ideal of freedom, peace, and happiness among people and within all nations, no critic can prevent people to thrive together for world peace. The question: "What on earth will it take?" is justifiable and the movie "Thrive" is the first time in human history a summary of events to make people think for themselves and develop an overview. All the reports, articles and books written in the past about these issues never created a problem for the status quo. I feel today July 4th 2012, that all the people who represent the status quo are not sure any longer how long they can manipulate the population. The access to Internet will make a difference, while people to people communication status quo unsure behavior shows and them only past methods as justification leave. A short review of world history is proof that unchanging rituals never survived when people develop the knowledge to get out of a manipulated labyrinth. All we need to do is to stay the course and talk to each other. By forming opinions before becoming aware of the relevant facts of a case invites conspiracy theories. This is my reason to feel that we have to awaken our communities out of a COMA - with Community Occupy Movement Affiliated Meet-up Circle to talk to each other about Peace and Justice and community solidarity. Since 2006 it feels good not to be alone any longer. Ignorance was a public problem and resonance will bring world peace in the 21st Century. A recent trip through Ireland confirms the spirit of individual freedom people carry in their hearts. As an individual you don't stand a chance but  solidarity will bring people together and share the best humanity has to offer. Common sense is when people everywhere voice consensus for the common good and teach their children the skills of peacemaking and sponsor COMA meet-up circles world-wide for peace and justice centers and develop community solidarity. I believe that only together people everywhere can reach our goal of world peace one day. 2015 and 2016 I developed a CPR Seminar for communities to organize common sense and started my seventh six month round trip through the United States of America. Talking again to 1500 people on the street of different lifestyle's was interesting and rewarding. My theme "Have World peace on your mind and pass on a sign of peace for posterity - shift ego to essence - together we make a difference on earth" was a personal success. You has to believe in yourself to develop any opinion about the common good and world peace one day. Joining a WeDoPeace Movement in Florida gave me more inside at how difficult it is to motivate and make people think for themselves. My latest program is to work through Facebook.com/wewuwei. Re-organizing my website voice-consensus.com and contacting other websites, recruiting Community Peace Sheriff's to organize WeDoPeace Communities, talking to young people and offer my CPR Seminar through the Internet keeps me busy. My continued effort will be organizing Community meet-up circles world-wide and communicate through Facebook.com. 2018 is the year of my 13th round trip through the United States for six month each. Properly the last one because if I cannot make contact with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook to get his support to organize with my 95 Theses Seminar Community Common Sense in 3142 U.S. Counties. Mark, who is very much concerned about his two daughters Maxima and August future should know about my program, because it is the only way World Peace will enter our hearts, if people learn through Facebook to communicate in positive ways and means. I am confident that Common Sense will prevail and Facebook will achieve the task in the 21st Century to make a differences and we face world peace, because all Facebook members will voice-consencus.com for the common good and world peace.

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