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Young people are the pioneers of new ways, since they face many temptations it will not be easy to know what is best.

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The Movement's principle focus includes the recognition that the majority of social problems which plaque the human species at this time are not the sole results of some institutional corruption, scarcity, a political policy, a flaw of human nature or other commonly held assumptions of causality. Rather, the Movement recognizes that issues of poverty, corruption, collapse, homelessness, war, starvation and like appear to be "Symptons" born out of an outdated social structure. 

Community Occupy Movement Affiliated meet-up circles world-wide support the Zeitgeistmovementusa.worldpress.com

We are meeting in a group of 10 likeminded citizens, invite two guests of local organizations to listen in every time we meet and try to answer today's most important question: What chance common sense citizens have to make a world of difference? We try to put personal opinions behind us and try not to take anything personal while we discuss how we can teach our children peacemaking and make our elected representatives accountable to its citizens. Asking the right questions to the right person can only happen, if people are open minded and organize common sense in their community. To be a participating affiliate community you can share activities, wisdom with other communities world-wide and together develop solidarity for world peace one day. Eventual our goal is to have Peace and Justice Centers everywhere.  It is most important that future generations maintain self- esteem, self-confidence and understand the difference between value and volume of our present consumer society. We may have to meditate to awaken our consciesness to clear our heads and figure out how we can deal with human rights, technology and use our wisdom to put an end to the indifference of war and peace. If nothing comes out of these meet-up groups at least we started talking to each other in a world of political rhetoric and hypocrisy. Media and institutions should get motivated to find out how to correct a destructive world view, especially before the 2016 upcoming election. It would be nice if governments through the United Nations find a path to world peace before our planned World Citizens Peace Day on 6.26.2026 for our grandchildren. A 1812 Puzzle authenticates an answer if "We" voice-consensus.com for the common good and help to organize common sense. We are no organization - only citizens who decided to become "Be the People" and restore a 226 year old Constitution and Bill of Rights. We should not let common sense become un-common. 

We welcome 2015 Community Peace Sheriff Joseph Oshna Love Schneekloth at Fairfield, Iowa USA who can be reached at peacepromoter@gmail.com to participate at a meetup.com group.

E pluribus unum - Become one of many community Peace Sheriff's who's only responsibility will be finding likeminded citizens in their community to join or start a meet-up circle and start organizing community common sense.   

           For once  coexist

                                    AN APPEAL TO THE WORLD MEDIA

Occupypeace@icloud.com - We believe to  know all about everything but have no idea how to achieve world peace one day. The news media is the most powerful entity in our daily life. The public depends on it, but does not get informed from them, how we will have world peace one day. Being active for fifty years and trying to fulfill the criterion of a productive citizen and taxpayers, who is not only curious, but also motivated to do the right thing for the common good world peace, I have not very much to show for to make a difference. Surviving world war two gave me a special personal inside how undignified and destructive wars are for people everywhere. Of course these monumental historical occurrences created endless literature and documentaries. Forever, political and intellectual circles talk about peaceful ways and means but always fall short of deeds. Everybody is aware that power and money dictates and that the judicial branch and its comrade-in-arms are as helpless as the general public, even while the Constitution is the law of the land. There is not much more to say because one opinion follows another and between layman and expert is nothing but contradiction, inconsistency, opposition and protest. It is important for us WantTo Know.info to get reliable vertifiable information on major cover-ups and a call to work together for the good of all. One would think that the news media is in a position to mediate between the good and bad and reports independently the truth and carries an appropriate dialog. As I read the book, "The Grand Chessboard", American primary and its geostrategic imperatives, many things happened and will happen in the future to prevent world peace. I would like to find out what kind of chance common sense people have to make a difference in a labyrinth of pros and cons, lies and deceit. A responsible media should pave the way and help develop solidarity for world peace. Instead sensationalizing news they should also report more about the general welfare that impacts their readers and viewers. It is wrong to stir people against each other. It is common knowlwdge that most people want a fulfilling life, have a job they can live on, a little fun for mind and body and live in peace with their children and grandchildren. Ironically people's problems are world-wide, even when nations feel they can deal with it better than others. In a time of globalization, we are talking out of two sides of our mouth when we mention the words freedom, democracy, human rights, peace and justice, self-determination, economic independence and fair taxation. Eurasia has been the center of world power for five hundred years and today local politicians pretend to work for their constituents and respond to current affairs and continuously create debatable laws and support greedy business practices. The twentieth century has been called the "American Cenutry". Not since the days of the Roman emperors has there been such a succession of rulers holding the fate of the world in their hands. A provocative, infuriating and readable history is the book "American Caesars". It is a mighty president's-eye view of post-war US history. Living at the same time period as a common citizen, I did learn that between reality and news reporting are two different objectives, hegemony and national security, what is a contradiction to human's intellectual progress. If the mass media is delivering news truthfully and takes the public right to know serious, then it should not be a disposable conveying, rather an instrument to improve human relations and help to correct a destructive world view. If "We the People" cannot get ahead of the status quo and develop consensus for world peace, an American withrawl from the global scene would produce massive international instability, what nobody really wants to believe of happening. Otherwise it could prompt anarchy, because the power of money is already a global institution. There is no buts about it that the public needs an overview only the media can provide, if they have the courage to show the movie "Thrive" and talk about the www.ThriveMovement.com. With all the technological advancements of the past two centuries one would think that nothing can stop human nature's intelligence living in peace with each other and share their resourcefulness on planet earth. My intelligence is being deliberate insulted when business as usual and our leadership ignore to thrive for the common good and world peace. We know that people all along fell victim to propaganda and status quo and that only in the last two centuries the media empire is the helping hand to a minority that historically is telling the public who is in charge and what is not happening for the common good. The question why, should be answered by the media itself who pretends to be bias and for truthful reporting. Is it possible for the media to have a heart for world peace and pay attention to all occupy movements with helpful articles and videos of peace activities around the world? In attempt to bring individuals and peace organizations voice consensus for world peace, I appeal to the media to help the human cause to find the path to world peace one day. This would also be appropiate for the United Nations. My experiences tell me that when registered voters cannot solve society's problem in the voting booth and with peaceful boycotts, only the media is left to break the deadlock to convince the public with facts and truthful reporting. Governments try to secure all citizens right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness but works instead as a powerful self-serving institution with taxpayer's money. The Constitution was written for "We the People" but needs to "Be the People" to make elected officials accountable to us. My feelings about today's problems are not as complicated as they being presented throughout the world, because all previous systems failed and left only dictatorial bureaucratic ways and means with fearful propaganda and endless conspiracies, what ends up in accessory and apathy. A lack of people's overview about their past is haunting all nations. If we review the last two hundred years events and draw some conclusions, most of us will not grasp how all the situations came about and who was behind them. Most of the happenings we don't understand today and common sense people feel they live in a vacuum, and a vacuum is space that is empty of matter. People around the world need help to put a world peace puzzle together for what matters; pursuit of happiness and world peace. Why not? I read many books and learned to read between the lines, if you know what I mean; listen to interviews and watched educational programs, talked to students about constitutional law, peace and justice centers and committed myself to positive thinking in a deceptive world. I do not generalize and have no ear for blinding rhetoric. I do believe in the kindness of individuals and world peace and justice; "I would like to get an answer, if there is a moral obligation (arising out of considerations of right and wrong) of people world-wide?" If yes, we must occupypeace@icloud.com. I hope the reader of this article does not feel being lectured and looks it as a personal review of a peace messenger who wants to show a sign of peace to it's neighbor.

 A Forum for students worldwide. Looking at 2000 years of human history. What have we learned from it? At any given time, many people always knew about political, religious, economical and environmental problems. A few even have a vision and others recognize the consequences. However, the majority only voice their opinions about the issues they do or do not favor. People always try to organize, but most of the time they are belligerent and confront each other. The status quo is the ruling force and history tells us about hegemony. Why are we so ignorant about Humanity's fundamental rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness? Who took responsibility for the tragic loss of human life? Can anybody justify the violence of the past? To find answers we pose more questions through this forum for students of all ages and open minded adults with this website IQTask  "Each one - teach one ". We may learn what humanity has to offer, if we all commit ourselves to peace and the common good.


                         Children  Pray for World Peace!

                       Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day  

Young people everywhere are told to be obedient and follow the status quo. Political power and money gets all the attention. The majority of people are passive in one form or another. The political divide and conquer philosophy is still part of our lives. Everything always ends in a confrontation between the have and have not. The majority of people are peace loving but continuously fall victim to the rhetoric or propaganda of a self-serving minority interest power, that harm most people's civil rights. Only motivated young people and open minded adults can make a difference in our society. Our appeal goes out to students to work with VOICE to set an end to world-wide violence and draw a new course of peaceful coexistence. The question "how" is the issue of this forum. We only succeed if we all commit ourselves individual to this positive task and hope our effort will result in a fair  functional system.
Let our conscience speak. Half a mind is a terrible thing to waste. A short summery from Alan Brinkley. Newsweek - November 23,2009 In the progressive years of the early 20th century, few things were more alluring than the promise of scientific knowledge. In a world  struggling with rapid industrialization, massive immigration, and chaotic urban growth, science and technology seemed to offer solutions to almost every problem. Many Americans came to believe that scientific certainty could solve not only scientific problems, but could also reform politics, government, and business. 
In the America of our own time, the great educational challenge has become  an effort to strenghten the teachings of what is now known as the STEM disciplines (science, techology, engineering, and math). There is considerable and justified concern that the United States is falling behind much of the rest of the developed  world in these essential disciplines.There is no doubt that American education should train more scientists and engineers and should be teaching scientific literacy to everyone else. Much of the hand-writing  is on the wall among politicians about the state of American universities today. It focused on the absence of "real world" education - which to a large degree means preparation for professional and scientific careers. But the idea that institutions or their students must decide between humanities and science is false. Our society could not survive without scientific and technological knowledge. But we could be equally impoverished without humanistic knowledge as well. Humanistic thinking can help us to understand what we should do. The humanities address ambiguity, doubt, and skepticism - essential underpinnings in a complex and diverse society and a turbulent world.
It is almost impossible to imagine our society without thinking of the extraordinary achievements of scientists and engineers in building our complicated world. But try to imagine our world as well without the remarkable works that have defined our culture and values. We have always needed, and we will need, both. I took notice of this article because Alan Brinkley, author and experienced as an educator should be ask to help us. What can we do more for our children? Being more curious about our educational system and it's consequence? Let's send our IQTask questions to Mr. Brinkley. 
The time has come to make the 21st century the turning point for people to voice consensus  about the most important issue of our time "World Peace and Human Rights". VOICE is asking young people to think smart from A to B and  start question the status quo.  A declaration of conscience must be a Citizen World Peace Agreement. We should all agree and communicate with each other and make sure that the United Nations gets our World Peace Petition. Today, we have the ways and means and should go into a world-wide offensive and let everybody know that we mean business with our "Hands around the Globe" effort..

                 A Question  Cool for IQTask? 

              Will The United States of America change?

      Submit your potent question to   epluribusunum@t-online.de

IQTask Cool Questions Americans should get answers for....What the world needs now in the 21th Century is you and I to find a way to develop a precision sentence structure for people to understand what is going on in America. 

Can peace loving people create a chain reaction around the world?

How can we protect ourselves from future wars?

Can we withstand a cyper conflict, electronic Pearl Harbor or digital 9/11 ?

Who benefits most of the new Supercomputer  "Sequoia", IBM delivers 2011 to the government: Military or Science ?

Who can put this into perspective? if each of the 6.7 billion people on earth had a hand calculator and worked together on a calculation 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, it would take 320 years to do what "Sequoia" will do in one hour .

Is Governments secret/confidential clause for 50 years for the benefit of the general public security or a government cover-up tactic?

Could somebody tell me why a person with a diplomatic passport  is exempt from any wrong doing?

Is everybody treated  equal under the law of justice ?

Is this the reason we have diplomatic immunity and 50 year secrecy?

What can people do for peace? Support a Deptartment of Peace, H.R.Bill 808 ? Write their Congressman to support this Legislation? Sign A World Peace Agreement Petiton Online with each other?

How do I find out what is the right system of government to live under? www.youtube.com/watch?v=DioQooFIcgE

Is violence the last refuge of the incompetence?

What would happen if at the next election for president eiter party candidate gets not enough votes? 

Un-thinkable, why? Look at the last eight presidents and remember what their administration left us?

Is nobody curious enough how Ron Paul  would make out as our pesident?

What possible could go wrong what is wrong all along?

Do we still believe in our Constitution?

Who can remember the 35th President of the United States of Amerika who said:"A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is afraid of its people"?

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             Should WE rather consider ourselves "Guests" on this planet earth?

Hundred years ago our ancestors faced few of the problems that perplex the world today. Travel was slow. communication was poor. people knew very little of each other. Today, however, life is vastly different. In a matter of hours a person can travel across oceans and between continents. Modern communication keeps all parts of the world in constant contact. But close contact among people and nations has brought problems as well as advantages. To solve problems intelligently, one must understand causes. This website will provide you with information about conditions and events that underline the problems of today's world.

Social and scientific advances will help to solve the problems of the world and its people. The earth's growing population requires new food resources. industry needs a steady supply of essential metals and fuels. Nation's workers and the owner of factories and businesses must learn more about fairness and settle their differences. Globalization must give every person an opportunity to succeed to their ability. Then individuals must learn to earn a living and manage their affairs in an increasingly complicated world. Two world wars should have taught us that it is no longer possible to be ignorant about peace and human rights. As a Constitutional Republic we should renew our pledge to the rest of the world and be an example for freedom and self-determination. Undestanding our environment and restoring our Constitution, we have a chance of solving most problems.Today we only need people power with peaceful solutions. Let our conscience speak.


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