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Young people are the pioneers of new ways, since they face many temptations it will not be easy to know what is best.

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         We do peace    Yes, We Can Wu Wei Lächeln

         Here we put together a 1812 Historic Trail Puzzle

A Dream Come True - We know what went wrong with humanity? 

      We finally have an answer and a plan that will work if...

As a world war two survivor, it took me fourty years of curiosity, motivation and studies to understand all the wrongs of the past. Working for a living, raising a family and civic involvement does not leave much time to get an overview of the happenings around the world. My dream to summarize the bad and thrive for the common good and world peace, will only become a reality through the Internet. As a 20th Century Pilgrim, living in a Constitutional Republic, I pledged that the best way to protect the U.S.Constitution is to understand it and the best way to honor it to learn more about it. Unfortunately our government is not any longer in the position to guarantee a better lifestyle, insure justice and domestic tranquility, provide for common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. If truth is the equation of things and intellect, I try to awaken people around the globe to take a personal stand on world peace. When world peace is the ideal of freedom, peace, and happiness among people and within all nations, no critics can prevent people to thrive for world peace. The question:"What on earth will it take?" is honest and the movie "Thrive" is for the first time a summary of events to make people think for themselves and develop an overview. All the reports, articles and books written in the past about these issues never created a stir for the status quo. I feel today July 4, 2016 that all people who represent the status quo are not sure how long they can manipulate the public. The 2016 U.S. Election is a case and point. Running a Republican Primary Election not to win is the biggest propaganda gag of all times. The Power of Money is working. Americans will get a real surprise at 2020. The access to internet will make a difference, while people to people communication confuses the status quo  to a point of no return. I make a guess that the Republican Party will introduce the UBI System; it will change American politics forever. Unbelievable? Just wait and see and read the WSJ ever so often. A short review of world history is proof that unchanging rituals never survived when people develop the knowledge to get out of a manipulated labyrinth. All we need to do to stay the course and talk to each other to restore some confidence that the majority wants to live in peace. It feels good that the start is made. Ignorance was a public problem and resonance will bring the change. Now we only have to become ignorant about politics and media sensationalism and use our valuable time to communicate people to people through the Internet. For the last 10 years I drove 150 000 miles for world peace throughout the United States. talking to 15 000 people on the street. Result: All in agreement, but show despondency. Only Facebook is working for people today. People have a lot on their mind. I ask them to give a  pluck to Facebook.com/wewuwei to make a difference and find out about the UBI System.

We found a way to make a world of difference by awaken the world community out of a COMA; by joining or starting a Community Occupy Movement Affiliate Meet-up circle world-wide. Like minded community people talk positive about community issues and inform themselves about a real opportunity to cultivate peace as a strategic national policy objection. The United States can set precedence to live up to their Constitution when on July 4, 1776 The Second Continental Congress unanimously declared the independence of the 13 colonies, and the achievement of peace was recognized as one of the highest duties of the new organization of free and independent states. Reduce and prevent violence in the U.S. and internationally through peace building and effective non-violent conflict resolutions must become a community issue to pave a way to world peace. Join our "WeDoPeace" effort and spread the good news of a community consensus.

Here are sixteen pieces of the 1812 Historic Trail Puzzle of "Previous Headlines"; which will give people, who learned to think for themselves an overview and understanding, why humanity failed for centuries to live in peace. The questions why? how? and who? will bring the answers later to curious and motivated participants, who are serious contenders to organize community common sense and make an attempt at their meet-up's to share them at Facebook.com/We WuWei. Setting in motion a chain reaction of billion peaceseekers around the world.

Puzzle Pc. 1 The year of 1803, 827,000 sqare miles Purchase of Louisiana Territory for 15 Million Dollars from Napoleon - 1803-15 Napoleonic war. Did Napoleons forces amounted to some 880 000 men? The power concentrating effects of growth in scale are most fully realized through creation of hierachy and bureaucracy, a institutionalized form of domination. Napoleon took all on Europe and gave everybody a pretty good run for their money? A military genuis who scared the power of mony of his time to leave Europe for a new born nation? West Point students were taught French so that they might be able to read books on Napoleon's strategy and tactics? Isn't war nothing but a continuation of politics with the admixture of other means? Could the U.S. gotten the Louisana Territory for nothing after Napoleon's los? 

Puzzle Pc. 2 1812 Second American Revolution - War against Britain -1814 Peace Negotiations begin in Ghent, Holland -  British troops burn Washington - Canadian Pierre Berton wrote about the treaty: It was as if no war had been fought, or to put it more bluntly, as if the war that was fought for no good reason. Jackson kept fighting in New Orleans after the Peace Treaty. The conqueror is always a lover of peace; he would prefer to take over our country unopposed. Carl von Clausewitz. How affected the Vienna Congress the isolation plans of the U.S.?

Puzzle Pc. 3  1823 Monroe Doctrine asserted that the new world and the old world were to remain distinctly seperate spheres of influence, for they were composed of entirely seperate and independent states til Franklin Roosevelt the U.S. went along with the reinterpretation. An isolationist country was a propaganda act of the power of money. But Hamilton, writing in the federal Papers, was already wanting to establish America as a world power.

Puzzle Pc. 4  Pax Britannica, economic growth and financial dominance - the American public did not recognized the Power of Money? -

Puzzle Pc. 5  American Population at 1810 - 7.239 881 (racil classification) - by 1865, 27.5 Million - by 1910, 76 million - by 1960, 180,671,158 Million, by 1989, 246,819,230 Million, as of Oct. 15, 2016, 324,707,000 Million,

Puzzle Pc. 6  Native treaties and the Removal Act of 1830 - Natives became the main obstical to western expansions - Andrew Jackson executed the removal during his presedency -

Puzzle Pc. 7  Untited States expansion 1830-61 - a policy of expansion based on "manifest destiny", the ideology that American were in fact destined to extend their nation across the continent?

Puzzle Pc. 8  Civil War 1861-65 -85 years of a Constitutional Republic looks in today's perspective like Syria? - Suniten and Shiiten? Natives and Blacks ? North vs. South? - cotton vs. industry? Was President Rutherford B. Hayes wrong by saying: Government for the people had been replaced by a government of the corporations, for the corporations, and by the corporations? 

Puzzle Pc. 9  The Second Industrial Revolution - with new technologies such as telegraph, steel, railroad, natural resources of coal, timber, oil, and minerals brought wealth, hard work, misery and a class system of rich, middle class  and poor. Names like Morris, Bingham, Derby, Franklin, Hancock, Willing Astor, Gould, Mellon, Field, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Carnegy, Girard, Stewart, Ford, Hunt, Du Pont, Getty, Weyerhäuser, Hughes, Ludwig, Morgan  are today Museums, Names of  Banks, Buidings, Corporations and Foundations? -Giving the steady economic rise they developed the foremost economic power in the world in the late 19th century. Most of their ancestors came from Europe. By 1913 the U.S. was already the largest economy in the world. 

Puzzle Pc.10  First World War 1914-18 - Nearly 10 Million soldiers died - the majority from gruesome wounds inflicted - Machine guns and shell fragments lodged in limbs and mustardpoison gas spewed into trenches -

Puzzle Pc.11  The rouring Twenties - The spirit of pleasure exploitation and freddom followed? So many men killed  - women had to make their own way - Legion of single women were seen as a threat to society -

Puzzle Pc.12  The Depression 1929-33 -

Puzzle Pc.13  Second World War 1939-45 -

Puzzle Pc,14  1948-73 The Golden Age - 

Puzzle Pc.15  1947-90 The Cold War -

Puzzle Pc 16  1973- 2017 Third Industrial Revolution -

   WE are in good hands if we unite nations, if we stop masquerading and 

I have long believed as have many before me, that peaceful relations between nations requires understanding and mutual respect between individuals. Dwight Eisenhower. We support People to People International - ptpi.org


   offer the United Nations a helping hand to keep peace  -  this is my dream

        An open Letter to common sense citizen around the globe

Our aim is consensus on world peace. We, as the 21st Century citizens, must provide the guidance, and legacy, capable of sustaining the citizens of the 22nd century. The wisdom of Aristotle, who wrote that "all people who have meditated on the art of governing mankind, are convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth'',  should be taken  more serious. Young people cannot wait any longer in a time of crisis, confusion and fear of a unstable future. Responding to the curiosity of our children is a golden opportunity to develop their self-esteem, and help their minds in the most important years of growing up. 
I pledge allegiance to a
Citizen World Peace Agreement that stands for liberty and justice for all. The thirteen United States of America Constitution was the promise, A Citizen World Peace Agreement Petition Online will be the fulfillment. By  signing this agreement you are "one in a million" who makes a positive commitment to the future. Join and let us dare to read, think, speak and write a new chapter for our children's future.

WE set a date to get consensus for a Citizen World Peace Agreement on 6.26.2026 (The Charter Day of the United Nations was 6.26.1945) The Great CitizensPeace Day Millions of people around the globe work on ideas how to achieve this goal. With your help it is possible. Why we need a Citizen World Peace Agreement accepted by every country is simple: "World Peace". This agreement should be the most important goal in the life of every person. Our way of life should be built around it, every government should accept it from his people, and our rights and privileges as a citizen should be protected by it. To be ignorant of this agreement is to be ignorant of all things we cherish, to live in peace and harmony with our neighbors. Help us to create a chain reaction with this grassroot peace effort.

wake up with a song for world peace and togetherness

of a dream change - Serving earth through self-awareness

When you look at the world we humans have created, you may conclude that it was created by sleeping people because awake, aware, conscious people would manifest a very different world. John Perkins

Surfing in the Internet, I found information on every subject about my vision. There are enough people throughout the world who are willing and motivated to work towards a better way of life. With so much knowledge available today, why do we see so little movement and positive direction for the common good? We are working on an International Communication Language (Esperanto was mentioned) since World War I, a World Constitution since the end of  World War II and holding events for catastrophic disasters and starving children around the world. We write books and making documentary films. I recommend the book "The Meaning of the 21st Century" and the film "To End all Wars" I came to the conclusion that the news media decided not to be the guardian of the common good. Understandable because we do not have too many fair systems. For a change we need common sense people, because the world is in the hands of a minority, that take turns for centuries to keep control over the majority. The industrial revolution showed great promise to share the global wealth with a so called "Middle class", but we continued with a have and have not class system. Now we even start loosing the middle class standard and fall victim to a money orientation class or  ICS (Income Class System) what manipulates people against each other. A global financial crisis keeps us second guessing, what will happen next. Hope for the common good is slowly diminishing if we don't wake up and do something. I made my decision to become an "International messenger for world peace" and hope that by 2026, at least 100 000 000 people join me to celebrate a "World Peace Day". My thanks to internet for the privelage to ask you to join. An international volunteer is a peace activist and taxpayer who  is running through many minefields worldwide, but will not surrender to the status quo. I consider it an insult to my intelligence listening to people who talk constantly out of two sides of their mouth. There is one thing in life all people have in common: "Time does not stand still for anybody". Most of us recognize this fact in mid-life when the ifs and should have, crosses our mind. Of course we are all opinionated about ourselves and most of the wrongs we blame on the world around us and hope that time will take care of things eventual. But changing times always put a twist on things and our history books are a reflection of it. Wise people should follow James 3:14-18, "and the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace". In my studies of individual rights and personal responsibility, I came across the Philosophy of Taoism that played an integral part of Chinese life and thoughts. It advocates individuality, spiritual freedom, naturalness, simplicity, religious mysticism, laissez fair in government and transcendental ideal in art. Taoism arose in response of a actual historical situation. In the transition to a new age, society was beset with political disorder, economic chaos and moral decay. This has been going on for more than 2000 years. When Taoism teaches us that life is a journey through opposites and that our goals in life is to walk balanced between the polarities then may be we should stop looking for new ways to solve our problems, but rather open our minds to embrace the wisdom that benefits all things, to "treat those who are good with goodness" and also to "treat those who are not good with goodness" and to "repay hatred with virtue". In short, that life of superior virtue is one goodness, enlightenment and peace. Taoism own ethics of patience, simplicity, contentment and harmony is as much of our lives today than it was in the past. As young people appreciate our human learning process they quickly realize that curiosity, motivation and involvement are the key factor of establishing self-worth and self-esteem. Only then we will escape the bondage of the status quo and make the connection between us and the possibilities for a better life.

Of course everybody decides for himself if one wants to learn to live or live to learn. But thinking about it should make everybody more curious about the development of the human race. It is known that most people have a sense of personal responsibility to do the right thing in their environment. Feeling helpless about many issues is more common than common sense.

                      Unlock the Ancient Wisdom of the I Ching


I Ching is the ancient Chinese oracle of change. For thousands of years people in the Far East have tossed coins or counted sticks to find the answers to their everyday problems and to gain insight into the meaning of their lives. For westerners, however, the I Ching method can seem difficult and the guidance of the traditional texts, cryptic... but no more. Today we know that the western culture failed to use their energy for the common good and world peace. Now that we start benefiting economical from the far east, we may get familliar with some of their ways and means before it is too late. The Chinese believe that two kind of energy are operating in the Universe - male and female... YANG and YIN... plus  and minus. Is your enery positive or negative today? Is the atmosphere around you charged up or neutralized? Are Forces of Nature pushing you or yielding to you? Questions over Questions: with I Ching we can get all the answers in plain English. I Ching in ten minutes from R.T.Kaser is an easy-to-learn, step-by-step guide to understanding the mysteries of the ancient I Ching.You get clear and direct answers to questions. We should get in touch with our destiny and face the future with confidence.

Time goes on and we have sometimes the feeling that we are running out of time. We cannot escape the fact that self-doubt isolates us from each other.  Join our positive outlet  for "Love Peace and Harmony".

www.SGI.org    SOKA GAKKAI INTERNATIONAL - A Buddhist Network that actively promotes peace, culure and education through personal change and social contribution. I suggest reading: "The Persistance of Religion" by Harvey G. Cox and Daisata Ikeda and "Into Full Flower" by Elise Boulding and Daiaka Ikeda.

 Laotse, a 6th Century BC Chinese philosopher and  founder of Taoism once said:

If there is to be peace in the world, there must be peace in the nation.

If there is to be peace in the nation, there must be peace in the cities.

If there is to be peace in the cities, there must be peace between neighbors.

If there is to be peace between neighbors, there must be peace in the home.
If there is to be peace in the home, there must be peace in the heart.
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