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Young people are the pioneers of new ways, since they face many temptations it will not be easy to know what is best.

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       Attention 3142 U.S. County Community's.
     The Will to do something about our society problems is in our hands! 
         Organizing Community Common Sense
                 meet-up circles will bring a turn in the 21st Century. 
               Finding something valuable or meaningful when you are not looking for it.
                          World-wide County Peace(R)Evolution of Communities
  It’s time to awaken out of a COMA.
                                With Community Occupy Movement Affilated meet-up circles
and receive online a Community Peace Rally 95 Theses Seminar from occupypeace@icloud.com with a monthly Turn on the 21st Century Pathway „The COMAffilites Journal“ update.
Believe it or not - your own curiosity and motivation will change the world for a more peaceful place. 
A World-Wide Delaration for World Peace, starting 6.26.2018 - We officially start organizing in 3142 Counties in the United States - Community Common Sense Citizens meet-up circles. American County citizens hold the key to World Peace, if they can free themselves from the status quo incompetence to teach children peacemaking.
Receive a Preview of a  Free Online Offering of a Community Peace Ralley Seminar: "how to organize Community common sense". Why is present pessimism so tempting and dangerous? My wish to be informed collides with my wish not to lose my mind through the daily headline news insult to my intelligence. Do we live under a pragmatic military strategy what is described as a philosophy of "Doing what is best?" Does our leadership needs the help of their constituents? If you agree, you owe it to yourself to find out how to make a difference.
voice-consensus.com seeks to balance power differences. In consensus, it is the responsibility of a citizens meet-up circle to make sure legitimate questions, concerns, and ideas get expressed and are fully concidered, regardless of the source. In a high-stakes decision that is made poorly, has the potential to fragment your team, project, department, organization, or community; for this reason consensus may be the most logical and sensible approach to make a difference, because with influence comes responsibility for our children and their future. In a nutshell, we want to save capitalism for the many - not the few.
 We the People who become "Be the People" started to organize common sense in 2017 to win the next election by majority vote. It is obvious that not only countries are alienated from their government but citizens in their communities do not trust their politicians any longer. They have every reason to be angry. But what comes next? Martin Luther King Jr. gave us the answer:"The supreme task is to organize and unite people so that their anger becomes a transforming force."  This is our purpose to meet-up and our goal to awaken communities out of a coma and organize common sense to become a Community Network Power. If we voice consensus for the common good and world peace one day. With your help or a person you know who is willing to help to organize community common sense, history will remember us as optimists for Peace and Justice. Dispositional optimism are typically assessed by asking people whether they expect future outcomes to be beneficial or negative. Optimistic scores on this scale predict better outcomes in relationships and health preserving behaviors and reduces loss of well-being what reflects our Constitution when it says to promote the General Welfare and secure the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity. The principles of Liberty are in our Founding Documents. Should we know how to restore our Constitution? Do citizens action should compel our government to return to its proper, singular role of protecting our natural unalienable rights as guaranteed by the US Constitution? I am one of the "We the People" in the Constitution of the United States and pledge that as "Be the People" "We" have a chance to make a difference. Traveling this year again from coast to coast for six month through the USA, starting thirteen years ago; I want to thank all the people in Counties who talked to me for listening and their comments of support to organize community common sense. Look for my NILA Van with a New Individual Lead Approach. 
So far I traveled from New York to San Francisco and back through 1017 from 3142 Counties and talked to people on the street, to students, at libraries and businesses. To organize all Counties with one meet-up circle, "Be the People" need all County common sense people's help to organize our country to make a world of difference. Please check Facebook.com/wewuwei and pass on to your Facebook friends the good news that positive minded community citizens become confidence builders for world peace and justice. My next trip is starting June 1, 2018 for the next five month throughout all 48 States if time permits. Contact can be made through occupypeace@icloud.com.
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 A fact of today is: That a "Citizens Community Network Power" will be the only way in a growing working insecurity to bring Peace and Justice, if citizens in their community start to meet-up in small circles of ten and talk to each other about organizing community common sense and share their IQ with likeminded communities. This website will work in their behalf and try to make people with your understanding aware of needed community solidarity. The digital age we live in is transformative as the Industrial Revolution who brought us the Power Of Money but not political accountability. Our plan is to press the right common sense button! Inquire about the FREE Community Citizens Peace Ralley Seminar to understand Why, How and Who is responsible for the destructive world view we have to live under. It's time to awaken and take a NILA (New Individual Lead Approach) to make a world of difference. Our 45th President helps us to find out that America has a society problem not an individual. It's getting serious when Global Governments and the Corporate World pull all the strings.

There is a deep current synicism that run through much of journalism. It has lost its moral core and its influence. It is very unsafe, as the best journalists will tell you, to produce truth. George Orwell wrote: "I write because there is some lies that I want to expose. Some fact to which I want draw attention, and my initial concern is to get a hearing". I just want you to read my message for twenty minutes and tell me how wrong I am. For fifty years I wu wei and have an idea to make a difference. Now I would like to share it with some common sense citizens. I hope you are E Pluribus Unum.
Have world peace and the common good on your mind; pass on a sign of peace for posterity - shift ego to essence and "WeDoPeace" for a world without violence. Together we are organizing common sense with a world-wide "Community" effort. Conflict is normal. Violence is not! Conflict can be resolved without violence, if we know how to do peace. We finally awaken out of a COMA with a Community Occupy Movement Affiliated meetup.com circle effort which will not only restore the U.S.Constitution but also bring Peace & Justice for all in the 21st Century.
A common sense pamphlet brought Independence - Our common sense effort will establish world peace with WeDoPeace ☮☯ Communities . If political rhetoric and hypocracy continues, common sense citizens have no other choice to start talking in their communities with each other. We know that the general public stumbles under fear and hope. Mahatma Gandhi's vision of a peaceful movement will not be achieved today with people's opinion, rather through talking with each other and provoke a political self-cleaning. Peace between all religions & nations and saving fair capitalism for the many, not the few should follow our common sense effort.

         A Global visionary  COMA Serendipity An unexpected discovery

COMAffiliate is an International Peace Movement for Community participation. (No organization) It's main objective is to recognize the power relations in society in order to close the gap between communities and state/federal government. There should be no local divisions, if citizens positively talk with each other about Peace & Justice and teach their children the skills of peacemaking.

  WeDoPeace - We are people who thrive to correct a destructive world view.
Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal. Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.  Martin Luther King, Jr.
          What the world needs now is our Solidarity
        A much-needed dose of common sense in a language citizens can rally around with a Free CPR Peace Seminar                                                 From occupypeace@icloud.com - Attention: wewuwei
                "It is the responsibility of intellectuals to speak the truth and expose lies." Noam Chomsky
The very agonies of war and the dark night of suffering that has lasted for centuries are awakening civilizations to a new understanding: the peoples of the Earth have a sacred right to peace. Canadian Senator Douglas Roche - A world Peace Agreement...expressed the hope, dream and desire of each citizen... and human rights it guarantees... should be upheld by every nation.
"Peace requires activism, education, conversation and example. It does not come by hope or desire. We set the stage for peace and reconciliation for all children." Barbara Harris 
Mother "Earth" has enough peace organization, institutions and political programs which could show leadership and support a campaign to establish a Federal Department of Peace such as the Department of Peace, Canada - Ministry for Peace, Australia - Ministry for Peace, Italy - The Peace Alliance. and others.
Do we continue to live in a world of tumoil when we all wish to live in a world of peace and justice?
Did the Bill of Rights turned into the Bill of Capital?
Did you know that at the 1944 Bretton Woods, NH Conference no banker was present?
Do you think that "Be the People" should agree upon a series of new rules for the international monetary system?
If you do, start to meet-up and organize common sense
             Awakened to the truth - WeWuWei                                                                                                        Now we "THINK" and "wuwei"; the art of doing nothing about politics. We want rather people to people discussions. Humanity can plan their own destiny without a natural disaster; but need an answer to one question: "HOW?" We have a plan to organize Common Sense in our Communities with C.O.M.A. meet-up circles. Something valuable and meaningful.

 If truth is the equation of things and intellect, I would like to awaken people around the globe to take a personal stand on world peace. When world peace is an ideal of freedom, peace, and happiness among people and within all nations, who can stops us from having a permanent end to global and regional wars with future conflicts resolved through non-violent means? With a Dept. of Peace, we  will give our representatives an outlet for an self-cleaning process to free themselves from the high cost of  war and poverty. As worldpeace.org.au  I believe that lasting world peace will not be instituted politically, it will begin first in the hearts and minds of each of us. Until we have peace within our families and our communities and most importantly ourselves, no politician will ever have the power to bring peace one day.

                     Let's get together 

An open mind is the base what will create self-worth and self-esteem, develops an overview about human natures environment and will establish solidarity, understanding about the benefits of peaceful ways and means on earth.

            Make a statement to the world

World Citizens should offer their help to all Nations to achieve lasting peace on earth, regardless of affiliations, religious beliefs or track record of the United Nations and Global Power of Money. When governments have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo "We the People" need to understand that this reflects an existing states of affairs, especially regarding social and political issues that concern all of us. We live under a pragmatic military strategy what is descibed as a philosophy of "doing what is best"? A value of doctrine for humanity? It is always the next Leader who will continue a host of pressing national security challenges. I think our political leadership needs our help. While no individual opinions will make a difference, we ask for your help, if you are familiar with this matter. WSJ  - "Think like and act like a champion of peace"   -  "May Peace Prevail on Earth"

The world needs a value doctrin to end endless wars and terror. We know Why, How and Who is behind humanity's dilemma; we use common sense and believe that very good things can be achieved, even if it does not seem likely to others. When I was (read Life for Liberty Autobiography) young and idealistic, I believed it was possible to change the world. In my later years, I recognized that only a Community Citizens Network Power can change the world for a better place, if we put together a 1812 Historical Timeline Trail Puzzle available online from occupypeace@icloud.com for overview and common sense citizens communicate in their communities through Facebook.com/wewuwei and support this effort.

We make available a 1812 Historic Trail Puzzle for mind and body

Curiosity and motivation made me finally solve a puzzle that is puzzling most of the people over the past 200 years. I don't have to proof or justify any longer anything to anybody  because opinions don't matter much and every open minded person with an overview can put this puzzle together and understand the meaning why human nature cannot live in peace and always hope for better times to come. I only regret that it took almost a lifetime to get an overview of how the world works. Before I start explaining, I would like to suggest to read James Perloff's book "The Shaddow of Power" and Noam Chomsky's "How the world works". Chomsky is by far the most important social critic in the world and a truly peace activist. Listening to him and his simple written explanation gives one an overview and positive thoughts. Take some time and listen to Noam Chomsky's Conference in Paris 2016 on You Tube and conversation with Yanis Yaronfakis about Diem25.org. I did not ask Chris Hedges to quote some sentences in his book "The world as it is", because it is my obligation to make my fellow citizen aware of the fact that the schizophrenia between what we profess and what we actually embrace has rendered us incapable of confronting reality. The longer we speak in the old language of markets, capitalism, free trade, and globalization, the longer the entities that created this collapse will cannibalize the nation. Reading his book is a benefit for young people not to waste any precious time in the development of their lifestyle. While personal opinions divide most people today, we should not take everything too personal what is being said. A lesson we should learn early in life? Statistic records say 20% "no" for negative thoughts and 80% "yes" for positive thoughts vs. election results of 49% "against" and 51% "for" the status quo; we call 2% a majority? What about a statistic for Peace and Justice? We would like to register your vote at Facebook.com/wewuwei. If it is true that Globalization and unfettered capitalism have been swept into the history books along with open-market theory of the 1920s, the experiments of fascism and communism, and the New Deal? It is time for a new language to address our reality. The voice of change, those who speak in powerful and yet unfamiliar words has to come from Community citizens who meetup.com and organize common sense.

                  Now you can check out the beginning of 95 Theses and think of your Theses to mak a difference

                Keep it simple... a common sense "yes" or "no" will decide on what side of the fence you want to be.                                                                            Citizens Common Sense or Status Quo?

WeDoPeace and built Peace Communities world-wide  - with your understanding, we are organizing common sense. A challenge for people with courage and overview.

Over decades I traveled through the land and studied America's history and its Presidents. As I visit James Madison homestead at Montpelier Virginia, I came to the conclusion that the 1812 puzzle started with James Madison, Princeton educated, father of the U.S. Constitution  and creator of the Bill of Rights, fourth President of the U.S. who had to defend a young Republic against the British Empire for its existence. From this point on it looked like that a new nation would isolate itself from the rest of the world. Every decade is significant to analyse because it is now obvious that there are other forces working behind most events. While the 18th Century gave birth to the first Industrial Revolution, the change from feudalism to capitalism, an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital assets and goods, started the decline of monarchism.  The European elite took advantage of the American experience and made the U.S. their home port far away from all the conflicts and called themselves  capitalists, a reformation which sanctioned hard work and frugality. America's long history of a stable government only happened because the power of money established a safe haven on this continent. Americans from now on were busy to build a new nation and did not pay too much attention to Europe and the rest of the world, except the new capital movement. Temporary isolation was on the agenda and big business made headlines. "Going West" brought immigrants to this new republic and the consumer business picked up speed. Infrastructure, buy, sell, save and from dishwasher to millionaire and the American dream was born, lobbyism made politician work for them and Americans became workaholics. The established entertainment media was the ways and means to keep the working people pre-occupied to get a piece of the pie and the rest continued to hope for better times. It looked good for a while and the word got out that this is the country were your dreams come true and that you have all the opportunities to strike it rich with hard work. We are the greatest, the richest and the most powerful nation on earth after two world wars made the rounds and a dream for almost all other nations until the beginning of the 21st Century. The final act of controlling the general public was the power of money globalization. Who can turn these events around when the Constitution of the United States is only a written document that cannot defend itself, is not taught to our children and is ignored by government. Through ongoing technological advancements "We the People" for the first time know who are the players in this worldly game. Unfortunately the media who is in business to inform does not take a mediator stand by telling the truth. There are many books written and information in the Internet, but citizens apathy won't change anything unless a political self-cleaning process is motivated by "Be the People".The idealistic idea of government to be accountable to its citizens was gone and a Constitutional Republic with check and balance was history. Democracy in which all citizen participate equally took its place? Ironically ever since business became volume orientated with the only interest for growth, investment and profit; government took a dive with trillions of dollars debt for taxpayers still to pay. Every decade bank failures, bankruptcies, bailouts, inflation, regulations, de-regulation and wars followed and all the other events such as civil war, racial and social events we just want to mention on the side, because otherwise we could be accused of talking out of two sides of our mouth. Everything else fell under the propaganda umbrella of patriotism and entertainment, lobbyist and memorializing hero's who gave their life for other Americans to be secure. All this could be the biggest puzzle of it all what made America. The innovation to make out of something bad or something good always a profit and saying it is good for the country. All around a well organized program for centuries but with violent flaws that are hard to keep up and confidential from the world. To summarize; most common sense people noticed that all created system do not work for the common good. John Jay, first Chief of Justice of the United States was fond of putting it "The people who own the country ought to govern it". The Trillion dollar question is "Who owns the United States of America?" We talk and talk, knowing that talk is cheep because there is so much of it. By heart we know that the key of a turnaround is educating our children peacemaking skills and finish the 1812 historic trail puzzle to show deeds by 2112, what is enough time (considering 2000 years of violent  human behavior) to correct a destructive world view. Curiosity explains cure & care and passion, motivation to join our WeDoPeace mission who offers a "Curricula For Peace" and a FREE CPR Peace Seminar. The origin of the most far-reaching undertaking often lies in barely noticed events, if we start showing a sign of peace. I have nothing further to say and it makes no sense to me to have more personal opinions about it, because we live in a society that assigns benefits of effort to achieve individual gains. It's a remarkable fact despite of all this that many young people rather revolt and help create a much better world. So there is in everybody a "PeaceMaker" at heart and for this reason we want to make a business out of "WeDoPeace". We recruit messengers in peaceful standing; calling them Community Peace Sheriff's & Diplomats and trying to make COMA the most effective network in human history by creating through citizens solidarity a peaceful planet. We are teaching young people the skill of peacemaking and by doing so WeDoPeace.com and voice-consensus.com for world peace. We thrive and shift from ego to essence. Our goal is to unite all institutions and organizations who work for peaceful ways and means and encourage Communities to discuss future Health Care with their representatives; will it be reform or robbery? More info on how to organize a meetup.com circle in your community is available from Klausjuergen2012@gmail.com. att. wewuwei. If you are not ready to pledge allegiance to... Don't worry, sitting in one boat and plugging holes takes all our time, because everybody knows that we will sink otherwise. Land Ahoi!

"I pledge allegiance to overcome myth, power and deceptions and believe in common sense communication to save coming generations from the scourge of war and terror which has brought untold sorrow to mankind. Also I help to motivate a self-cleaning of politics". My Serendipity Peace Signature

                                             Check outWAR AND PEACE

Humanity's fundamental rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness can only happen through the effort of citizens who speak for them. Our appeal goes out to common sense people and all the organizations in the world who commit to world peace.

                                                 I, Klaus plea for fairness and for good news            
After reading Chris Hedges book "The World As It Is", COMAffiliates have an opportunity to defy the titans of the corporate state and speak in words that descibe our reality. The power elite fear these words. If these words seep into the population, if they become part of our common vernacular, the elite and the systems they defend will be unmasked. These words of defiance expose lies and crimes the elite use to barrel us towards neofeudalism. And these words, when they become real, propel men and women to resist. All this means "WeWuWei", doing upsolutely nothing about politics - we just organized a social event in our communities. My name is Klaus, what is yours?

              Today "We the People" have to become  "Be the People"  and  renew the plan.


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